Life Update: August

How do you describe seven months of growth and pain? How can the human mind, advanced as it is, convey such powerful emotion, dreadful turmoil, and difficult growth?

As always, this post is a life update. Given my lack of time, I have to resort to publishing these but rarely. Before I begin: I pray for wisdom as I write. I do not want to defame or insult anyone, and thus I will take extreme care in my descriptions of the past months.

At the end of February, I suffered the loss of a friendship. I believed this step away from friendship to be temporary, but I discovered that it was permanent (against my desires), mere days after my eighteenth birthday and graduation date. This loss sent me into the deepest time of depression I had ever experienced. For once, I knew what it was like to battle dark and even suicidal thoughts.

Yet God brought me out of this in the most unlikely of ways: through baseball. I am a basketball player, and had hardly touched a glove/bat in well over a decade. Thankfully, one of my friends was wise enough to see through the darkness I battled, and he suggested a new sport.

I took to baseball quite well, started in a few games, but the real joy was in the companionship. This filled the void left in my soul, and restored my heart and mind to a place of joy while the loss of my friendship was still believed to be temporary.

I graduated and turned eighteen towards the end of May. Shortly thereafter, my family prepared to return to Uganda for the very last time (due to unfortunate circumstances, we are in the process of leaving Ministry). Covid is, unfortunately, a reality, and our plans were abruptly cancelled when Uganda announced a country-wide lockdown.

By this time, it was the beginning of June, and the time had long since passed for the relationship I had briefly put on hold to be restored. It is in deepest grief that I say that this did not go as planned. The relationship was lost for good. It was an incredibly difficult loss of friendship, and this loss was made more difficult because I had to process the discarding of my expectation of return to relationship. Yet despite the difficult time, my respect for this person remains as high as possible. Hurt and deep pain exist, but they are a child of God and deserve to be treated as such.

Needless to say, it was a difficult time. I cried for a week. This was my best and closest friend, after all. As always, however, God is incredible, and He worked some incredible things in me. He used this time to further expose root heart issues that would have remained hidden otherwise. He showed me the truest depths of my sin and idolatry, and taught me that the only times He has to remove something from my hand is because I refused to give it to Him open-handedly.

I bounced back quicker than I had personally anticipated, much to my relief. I returned to college prep, and for several months, I believed I would be attending Moody Bible Institute. I even paid a deposit to the school.

Again, quite unfortunately, Moody Bible Institute released new Covid protocols for their students, and I, an unashamedly unvaccinated adult, was not willing to deal with these restrictions. I then shifted my attention to Boyce College in Louisville, to which I was accepted promptly a week before move-in day.

I have now been at Boyce for two and a half weeks, and I have loved every single minute of it. This campus is stunning, and the atmosphere is like no other. It is now incredibly clear to me that God had this place intended for me. I am majoring in communications and may consider a minor in Business.

I am incredibly grateful for the presence of an older friend of mine, Amanda York. I attended high school with her, and although we had not known each other quite well, we became friends over the summer. She helped push me towards Christ, especially as I battled grief.

I am increasingly grateful for my lifelong best friend, Josiah Kegg. Josiah was, by the grace of God, my neighbor for two months during the time I was in mourning. He kept me grounded in the Word and in Truth, constantly challenging me in my spiritual walk.

Another friend I am grateful for is Drew Mehall. Drew was the first to push me towards baseball, and he constantly kept me true to myself. He saw through my depression and called me to something greater. He pushed me to place a higher emphasis on my relationship with Christ, rather than with Man.

I’m also grateful for my parents. They stood by me through thick and thin, literally keeping me from falling (as I wept) or overthinking my own issues (as I worked through my grief). Without them, I would (obviously) not be alive and I would not be even a tenth the man I am today.

Finally, I am grateful to God. He has revealed Himself to me in ways that blow my mind. He is my gracious Father, my caring King, and loving Judge. I owe everything to Him. May the praise and glory go entirely to Him, for He is the only one deserving of glory.

God has meant so much more during this journey. He has worked in my heart, growing me in ways I never could have dreamed. He has never left me and has always stood by my side. He has revealed Himself to me in so many ways, and I feel as if the last year has grown me enough for three. To Him be the glory, the majesty, and the praise.

Soli Deo Gloria

-Elisha McFarland

What Does It Mean To “Not Conform to the Ways of This World”?

I did not realize just how terrible the world is until the past few weeks. Even then, I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. This missionary kid of seventeen years need two semesters in politics to actually understand the stupidity of this world.

That fact is mildly embarrassing, to be honest. But this has been an embarrassing year with the amount of idiocy that has been exposed even in my personal life.

I guess I’m a human. Shocker, right?

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The Greatest Perspective of All

The Greatest Perspective of All

They say that the best teachers are those that know you best. I believe this to be true. A teacher that can reach into your heart and find your deepest needs, gaps, and desires is a teacher that will always succeed. Moreover, a teacher willing to go to great lengths to ensure your complete understanding of a given topic is a teacher like no other. This man or woman will never be forgotten. They will implant their face upon the hearts and minds of our young generations for decades, changing the future for the better.

My dad is one such teacher.

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Monday Heckling: The Ballad of the Songbirds and the Snakes

Monday Heckling: The Ballad of the Songbirds and the Snakes
Note: this post was supposed to be published on Monday

Statler: Ah, Mrs. Collins has published another book, I see. Are you going to read it?

Waldorf: Read it? I’m going to use it!

Statler: Use it for what?

Waldorf: As kindling for my fire!

*The two chuckle*

Thank you Statler, and you, Waldorf, for that wonderful intro. I really don’t know what I’d do without you guys.

Since today is the first day of what will be many, many “Statler and Waldorf book reviews” to come, I may as well explain how I intend to conduct such posts. These will be published on Mondays, as the title insinuates, and will cover any book I have read within the past few weeks. Books will be given a summary, a star rating out of 5 (I will not give 5 stars unless the books are amazing), and a small, individual critique from both Statler and Waldorf. I may add more features as the posts continue, but this is how I intend to begin.

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How to Use Discernment in an Age of Illiteracy

How to Use Discernment in an Age of Illiteracy

Dear Christian,

False teachers are everywhere. Everyone thinks that they’re the next John Piper, prepared to give controversial opinions with little care given to the legitimacy of their claims.

In an age of false news and quick, unresearched opinions, it can become almost impossible to properly research current events. Every smalltime blogger, podcaster, youtuber, and writer thinks that their take on current events is the most factual, needed piece of content on the web, and they’re usually wrong.

This extends beyond the news and into the Christian world. Thousands of “Christian bloggers” surround themselves with a small audience, then begin peddling false gospels and heresies, all while convinced of their own necessity and puffed up by their knowledge.

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What We Learned from Lecrae’s “Restoration”

Lecrae Restoration image

After over two years of silence, acclaimed rapper Lecrae has released his newest album, aptly titled “Restoration“. The album, containing tracks featuring popular artists John Legend and YK Osiris, has been met with wide success, garnering over 2 million YouTube views within mere days of being released.

What happened? What caused his music to take such an extraordinary shift?

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Publishing Peace Ministries Launch!

Publishing Peace Ministries Launch!

Today is the day! Publishing Peace Ministries has officially launched! After three months of dreaming, writing, envisioning, and working, we have finally reached the Starting line.

Publishing Peace Ministries, originally known as “Project Cast”, began as the brain child of Jonathan Bjorn-Kellogg, aka. Bjorn. His vision for quality Christian content in an age of low-quality, lackluster “christian” content was a magnificent one, attracting people such as myself to the ministry idea.

After a few weeks, several decisions were made. First, the project name was changed to “Publishing Peace Ministries”, based on Isaiah 52:7, which says, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.

The project focus then shifted from YouTube-oriented to website-oriented. While YouTubing and Podcasting is still on the radar for Publishing Peace, the writing team shows a lot of promise and will begin work today.

Finally, before work began, the board of Directors voted me as the Director of Publishing Peace based, I believe, on my past experiences and current skill set. I am deeply humbled by the appointment and have promised to do my absolute best to ensure that this project succeeds.

If you’d like to become involved in the project as a writer, contact me or write me at If you’d like to view/watch what we produce, you can visit our site by clicking here (make sure to subscribe) or following any of our social media below.

In the meantime, feel free to read our ministry’s information below.

Who We Are

Established in 2020, Publishing Peace Ministries is a gospel-driven organization devoted to creating quality content for all believers to help them discover joy in their Savior. We at Publishing Peace strive to bring people closer to Christ by showing them the truth, beauty, and goodness of the Gospel in a multitude of ways, including blog posts, podcast episodes, YouTube videos, film and television.

Our Cause

Our goal as a ministry is to show people the untapped spiritual depth and joy secured in the Gospel. We reject the worldly mindset of the “Sunday-only faith,” and strive to share the all-encompassing, life-transforming glory of what Jesus has done (and continues to do) for us.

Our Mission

Equipping today’s believers with the tools to grow and mature even in their daily lives so that they may go into the world prepared to serve and enjoy Christ in the fullest.

Our Vision

That today’s believers would discover the true magnitude the Gospel, preparing a generation to enjoy, grow in, and share their salvation.

Again, if you’d like to become involved in Publishing Peace, you can email me or contact me through the Contact page. If you’d like to visit our website, click above.

Until then, thanks for reading, and I hope you have an excellent day!

-Elisha McFarland

Last post: Monday Q&A 8: Christianity Compared

Featured post: What Does It Mean to Be Grateful?

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Monday Q&A 8: Christianity Compared

Monday Q&A 8: Christianity Compared

Comparing Christianity is an easy discussion for a missionary kid formerly based in a continent dominated by Muslims. Having seen firsthand the similarities and differences between Christianity, Islam, non-belief, and the rest, I have looked forward to this discussion since beginning the Monday Q&As.

Because this is the last Q&A from Stoa Apologetics, I will be answering all 14 questions, regardless of relevancy and wordcount. As always, the answers are taken from as close a Biblical standpoint as possible, and constructive discussion is always welcome. You can find the entire Q&A worksheet here.

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A Myriad of Awards

A Myriad of Awards

Today we have not one, not two, but three awards to take care of! I have been double-nominated for the Outstanding Blogger award, an award I had not yet been nominated for, and single-nominated for the Thirteenth Disciple Tag.

Thank you so much, SonoofYHWH and MakaylaLife for the two Outstanding Blogger awards, and my brother Jesusluvsall for the Thirteenth Disciple tag! If you guys aren’t already following their blogs, make sure to do so by clicking on their names!

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Five Important Tips for Young Bloggers

If I were asked to guess what percentage of bloggers put real, hard work into their writing and websites, I would likely hazard a guess at 10%.

10%. One out of every ten bloggers are fighting to put themselves above the rest, learning new techniques, sharpening their writing skills, and constantly updating their websites.

The other 90% are writing lazy, 200-word posts, publishing once a month, refusing to do any marketing or optimizing, and failing to improve their writing skills, all while complaining that their traffic stays at rock bottom.

Which group is yours? Which one sounds more appealing?

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The Tragic Loss of Real Masculinity

The Tragic Loss of Real Masculinity

Our culture has completely lost what it means to be a man. What was once a proud and accomplished status now lies discarded in the dirt. Boys have taken over our country. They have normalized non-manhood, brought themselves and their immaturity into popularity, and they continue to reject the true calling to manhood.

This travesty has destroyed many pieces of our culture. Quality of relationship has decreased massively over the past fifty years, punctuated by increases in divorce and abortion.

What needs to be done? How can we, as Christians, aggressively attack and destroy what our culture portrays as “manhood”, and show the way to creating true, real men?

It all starts with our boys.

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Monday Q&A 7: Christian Worldview Application

Monday Q&A 7: Christian Worldview Application

Worldview is a difficult topic to discuss, given the fact that the subject changes based on the person. Because everyone has a different worldview, it can become difficult to even speak on the subject, let alone have a decent discussion on the topic.

Christian worldview, on the other hand, is a unifying topic that needs to be discussed more often. Identifying weak worldview and working to grow stronger, Biblically-grounded worldview should be a lifelong goal for every Christian.

With that, we turn our attention on today’s Monday Q&A: Christian Worldview Application. As always, I will be choosing to answer 12 of the 14 questions presented in Stoa Apologetics’ worksheet, found here. Let’s dive in.

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What Does It Mean to Be Grateful?

What Does It Mean to Be Grateful?

Traveling from a poor, third-world country back to the United States is arguably the quickest way to become grateful. Within mere moments of landing, you, the American, realize just blessed you are, and vow to never forget to thank God for what He has blessed you with.

Then, two weeks later, you find yourself back in the rhythm you left behind, quite willing to take life for granted. I’m no exception. It is so easy to get caught up in the flow of today’s world, and forget to thank God for the little things.

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John Grisham’s Guide to the Depravity of Man

John Grisham's Guide to the Depravity of Man

Over the summer, I have made it a point to increase my reading load. Mein Kampf, Pride and Prejudice, A Man Called Peter, Pontius Pilate, and many others have been the subject of my reading. Yet, standing apart from the rest, a single author has recaptured my attention, returning my reading to the world of novels.

This man is known as John Grisham.

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Monday Q&A 5: Scripture

Monday Q&A 3: Scripture

Scripture. The key component to Christianity at its core. The cornerstone of our beliefs. Without Scripture, we have no belief, no Faith, no arguments, and no understanding of God and His existence. The defense of Scripture is so important that it has become a large tenant to Apologetics. Without it, Christianity fails.

Because of its importance, I have spent much time learning the historical and logical accuracy of the Scriptures. Because of this, I put much stock in the quality of response to the questions-to-be. While this may be the easiest Q&A so far, it will also be the most important. Read carefully.

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