Elisha McFarland is a writer, blogger, editor, basketball player, former missionary kid, and most importantly- adopted son of God. When he isn’t writing, you can often find him reading his Bible, drinking way too much coffee, working on his soon-to-be-published books, and hanging out with friends.

Elisha is the son of long-time missionary couple Keith and Laura McFarland, who moved to the mission field to serve in Uganda in 2004, when Elisha was a mere toddler. The McFarlands spent 16 years in Uganda and had three children there. Now, they have moved back to the USA permanently.

Elisha is a sophomore at Boyce College, pursuing a BA in Communications. If you wish to contact him, please click on the Contact page above. His working hours are between 11:00 AM Eastern Time to 5:00 PM Eastern Time. You can contact him at any point, but please allow a 12-hour period for a response.

He publishes once a month, but if you wish to read more of his works, you can follow the BucketZone, a website on which he publishes sports pieces.

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42 thoughts on “About

      1. Well, I was first drawn to them a couple of years ago when I didn’t even care about football for some random reason. And now I just love them, (1) because Tom Brady is just amazing and (2) because I think they need more support when tons of people hate them, ya know? I think I have a thing for liking teams that everyone hates. I also love the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, so yeah. XD

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      1. Landon Stewart

        Not judging, but NOOOO. I could never be a Pats fan… simply cuz their team and owner is mainly criminals. Cant wait to see what happens to the fan base when Brady retires (like come on man, hurry up) I know half their fans (not saying you) are bandwagons boo Tom Shady, boo Deflatriots. GO COWBOYS!

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  1. Well, I guess my siblings have far than “managed” to drive me crazy. They absolutely just, completely, nailed the whole thing. Oooh, brownies! That’s my favorite dessert! We used to have chickens, but the story is much to sad to tell. (No, we didn’t eat them) What is jackfruit? Is it a melon, a berry, or a fruit?
    Also, one more question: What’s the longest car ride you’ve ever been on?

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  2. Hi Elisha! I’m so glad I found your blog. I love reading about missionaries around the world, and it’s wonderful how God has touched your family to go spread the Word in Uganda.

    Also, we share the same name! I’ve never heard of anyone with my name before you, so I think it’s super cool. How do you pronounce it?

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    1. Ok, not going to lie- I was a touch freaked out when I saw your name. I thought one of my friends was trying to play a prank on me.
      I pronounce mine ee-lie-shah. You?
      Also, I’m so glad you love the blog!!!! I’ve put a ton of work into it so it’s always nice to see people appreciate my work,

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      1. Lol, if it happened to me, I would think the same. xD

        Cool! I’m pretty sure yours is the ‘correct’ Biblical pronunciation. I pronounce mine ee-LEE-shuh, that way it sounds more like a girl’s name.

        My pleasure! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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