The Greatest Perspective of All

Growing up with a father as a theologian, one might think that I would hear much during a normal day. They would be correct. Over the past seventeen years, I have heard so much from my father, but have listened so little. It was not until I turned sixteen that I realized just how valuable a resource my father is. Where I had taken him for granted, I learned to begin to listen, hoping that something might actually penetrate my hard heart and move me into action.

You see, I have a bad habit of believing I am smarter than most people. I believe we all think this from time to time. In my pride, I rely on the person I trust the most (myself) and the perspective gained from such perception, putting my opinion over that of those placed in authority over me. This happens so often, it has become rather comical. I am a stubborn human being, and as such, I dislike being confronted. I’d prefer to wallow in ignorance and foolishness instead of being lifted into the glorious calling of manhood.

“I’d prefer to wallow in ignorance and foolishness instead of being lifted into the glorious calling of manhood.”

This foolishness is not uncommon to the human race. If we were given the ability to see every single false perspective, I believe we would find dozens, if not hundreds, of such mindsets. Yet who determines which perspective is “good” and which is “bad”?

If one answered “the authorities placed over you, such as your parents”, they would not necessarily be wrong. My parents are, after all, much wiser than I. Sadly, they are human just like the rest of us, forced into living on this accursed planet instead of glorying in the love and grace of the greatest Being in the universe. Thanks, Adam.

The actual answer to this question is easy enough: God. He is the answer to every question, after all. Because He is perfect, He is the confronting answer to every perspective, the shaping force that sharpens our worldview and teaches us how to view the world He created.

This confrontation is crucial for our lives as Christians. Unless we learn to allow our perspectives to be confronted by the Bible, we will continue in ignorance and rebellion against God. When God confronts us through His appointed mediums (the Church, family, the Bible, and His direct word), we begin to shed the chains of cultural worldview and finally see the world for how it really is. This is the overwhelming power of God’s confrontation.

So next time you, like me, think your perspective is correct, stop and think for a moment. Ask God to confront your worldview and, if in doubt, talk to those in authority over you. Whether this be your pastor or parents, they will be able to guide you and sharpen your perspective.

May the light of God always be on your path,


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12 thoughts on “The Greatest Perspective of All

  1. Ella Smalley

    Very true. I mean when I think about all the wisdom I missed out on from my parents because I was uninterested or just too self absorbed and yes everything leads back to the fact that we need God, always. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  2. Grace Fetterhoff


    Thanks for this post, it was just what I needed today! God knew! I really identified with how you feel you are smarter than everyone else and have to fight that pride. The Holy Spirit has been convicting me recently that I need to view myself through his eyes, (Humility) and not my own. (Pride) I need to forget about myself and remember Christ. Thanks for the post!

    Keep livin’ for Jesus!

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  3. makaylajesalyn

    This is a great peek into the lives of other teenagers! I will echo you in saying just how much wisdom our parents have to offer. I know my Dad and Mom have been through so much, and I’d rather go to them for advice on my life and friends, than I would to even my best friends. Thanks so much for encouraging others, and even myself, to listen, really listen, to our parents.
    Also, because you have such a high opinion of your parents, would you mind telling me what advice you really appreciate your parents’ giving you?

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    1. To answer your last question: While I appreciate, at some point in my life, all of their advice, I believe my dad’s advice on my conduction with my best friend, Katelyn, is probably the most valuable I have received in recent memory. 🙂 Don’t tell anyone lol

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