God’s Independence Day

Today is the 4th of July. Fireworks bang, meat sizzles on the grill, and hotdogs are eaten. The Independence Day of the USA is an important day for millions. Now, because you, the reader, are probably going to be very busy today, I’ll keep this very short. Like, read it in ten seconds short.

Don’t forget to praise God for His work in the United States. It’s easy to exclude God during the holidays. We often become so focused on food and drink that we forget the One that created said food and drink. As such, don’t forget to thank God for that burger, or that hotdog, or that steak… You get what I mean. Praise God, for He has done great things in the United States. Don’t let anyone ever forget that. After all, he created Independence Day. Praise God for creating such a special day!

5 thoughts on “God’s Independence Day

  1. Naomi McMahan

    See, I’m in Canada, so Independence Day was a few days ago, on the 1st. (But I totally forgot about it. I also pretty much forgot about today. It’s hard to keep up with dates on this island.)

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