Throwback Saturday: The Benefits of Classical Literature

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Across the United States, an epidemic is spreading. Widespread famine has occurred, leaving thousands empty and seeking answers. This famine is brought about by a lack of love for literature and reading, and it has affected nearly every single student in the United States of America. Libraries, once filled with throngs of adoring readers, now sit empty and still, unused and unloved. Book stores close down and file for bankruptcy since many of the books they once sold can now be found on Kindle. Kids, instead of spending their time reading healthy books, play video games or text friends, choosing a digital world over a created one. If children do not put down their devices and read, America’s future generation will crumble into ruin, for the consequences of not reading are dire indeed. If, however, students learn to read again, America’s youth will thrive, for reading not only promotes healthy imagination and learning, but also creativity and studiousness.

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