Throwback Saturday: The Consequences of Hunger

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One day, about a year ago, I found myself hungry with no snacks to eat. So, being a classic Missionary Kid, I went in search of food. But, to my dismay, the mango and banana trees were devoid of any fruit. So, hoping to find something worth eating, I went and found my friend, Mugabe Robert. He knew a lot of the trees in the area, so I asked him if there was any ripe fruit nearby. He took me to a local jackfruit tree (see the above picture) and told me there was a ripe one at the top. But, there was a catch. He said that he was afraid of the wasps in the tree and refused to climb until they were removed. I, thinking I was fearless, volunteered to go and pick the fruit.

Now, as you’ve seen in the picture above, jackfruits are giant fruits that can withstand a twenty-foot fall. The only way to pick them is to saw off their stem and let them drop to the ground. So, armed with a machete, I climbed the tree. Then, seeing the wasp nest, I faltered.

The nest was HUGE. Easily larger than my closed fist, it teamed with wasps.

“Ah, Mugabe?” I shouted down. “If I suddenly jump down, prepare to run.”

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Breaking Away from God- a Story

The story below was an entry for a story competition. Just something short, not deep, and rather shallow, to be honest. Although, in my defense, it had to be under 1,000 words. With this kind of story, I could have passed 5,000 easily. Regardless, I found it interesting both to write and to re-read. This story was based off of a true story, told to me by a believer I have known for many years. The last part, with the truck on the wrong side of the road, is based off of his story. That part is true. The first, while being fictitious, strikes a chord with many of us. Breaking away from God is something that we are tempted in daily. It seems to be so easy to just turn our backs on God and walk away. After all, that’s the easy thing to do, right? Sadly, just because it’s the easiest thing to do, doesn’t make it the right thing to do. When we become Christians, we are in it until the end. No turning back.


Breaking Away from God

Inspired by a true story

            “This will be fine, Mom.” Billy Olsen grabbed his backpack and shoes, opened the car door, and exited the vehicle. Quickly, he turned around and kissed his mother.

“Bye, mom! Have a great day! I love you!”

“I love you too, baby.”

Walking away, Billy smiled. His mother was, by far, the coolest lady in the world. Glancing over, he saw a familiar face.

“Hey, Billy!” Billy’s friend, Jason, jogged over, his fat cheeks jiggling as he ran. “Did you hear the news?”

“News? What news?”

“They posted the results for the basketball tryouts!”

Billy didn’t even hesitate. He dashed away, through the doors of the school, and through the hallways, finally reaching the place where they posted the results.

“George Wright, Billy Olsen, Adam Jace! Adam’s on the team with me!” Billy bounced up and down on the balls of his feet. “That’s awesome! I’ve never played with Adam before!”

Jason sighed. “I don’t know, Billy. I don’t trust Adam.”

One month later, the Cross Lanes Warriors were playing the Nitro Hornets. The Warriors were down by one point with thirteen seconds left on the clock.

George Wright passed the ball to Billy, who received it by the half-court line. The clock was ticking.


            Billy dribbled to the right, pulling the Hornet’s center towards him.


            He crossed over, dribbled to the left and found an open spot.


            Pulling up, he shot the ball.


           The ball sailed through the air and splashed into the hoop. The buzzer sounded, signaling the end of the game. The Warriors had won!

Later, after the team got changed, the players began to head home. Just as Billy was about to walk out the door, a figure blocked his way.

“Hey, Billy. That was a great shot.”

Billy’s eyes widened. Adam was the most popular guy in school. He had never, in his entire life, even addressed Billy’s existence.

“Thanks, Adam!”

“Yeah, no problem. Hey, listen. We’re going to have a party at my house. Girls, music, the works. Are you interested?”

“Of course!” Billy did not hesitate.


The night was wild, even by Adam’s standards. Hundreds of High-Schoolers attended, all of them ready to thank Billy or pat him on the back. Music blared through speakers, and bottles of beer were brought out.

“Hey, Billy! Try this!” Adam handed Billy a can of Bud Light. Its ice-cold exterior chilled Billy’s hands. He turned it over. At that moment, the words of his father came to him.

Never, ever, drink alcohol for fun.

           Billy felt the eyes of every person in that room upon him. Swallowing, he popped the can open and took a drink.

“That’s my boy!” Adam grinned.

Billy drank three cans that night.

Over the course of the next three months, Billy deteriorated from a once-Godly young man into a boy shaped by the world. Every night, he would go and party with Adam, and every day he would sleep through classes. His grades plummeted, and Mrs. Olsen’s dreams of sending Billy to Wheaton College were crushed. Billy’s friendship with Jason disintegrated, causing the two to stop speaking with each other.

Then, one day, everything changed.

Billy was in the midst of a raging party. Alcohol had been brought, and Billy was so drunk he could hardly see.

A few hours later, Billy decided to leave. He had gotten his driver’s license, against his parent’s wishes, so he had driven his Ford F150 to the party.

The car chirped as Billy unlocked it. He slid into the driver’s seat and started the engine.

Ten minutes later, he was on the highway, driving south towards his parents’ house. His eyesight had gone from bad to worse, and by this point, he was almost blind. To make matters worse, it began to rain, further erasing any hope of seeing the road ahead of him.

Pull over. A small voice inside of Billy’s head spoke. Billy shook his head, convinced he was hearing things.

Pull over. Billy turned on the radio.

Pull over. Billy accelerated the car, convinced he was going mad. Then, suddenly, he felt that terrible sensation of his car beginning to slide. The rain had frozen on the ground, creating an icy surface that removed all traction from the car tires.

The car began to slide. Frantically, Billy tugged on the wheel, trying to right the vehicle, but it was to no avail. The car slid into the opposite lane of the highway, stopping in the exact middle of the highway.

Out of the gloom, headlights appeared. An 18-wheeler had appeared out of the rain, headed directly towards Billy’s truck. There was nothing he could do. He tucked his head down and prepared to die.

I’m going to Hell. The thought cut through his foggy brain like a knife. Billy knew exactly where he was going.

Billy felt his car move slightly.

There. That’s it. I’m dead.

Then, a car horn blared. Billy raised his head. He wasn’t dead. Somehow, in the span of two seconds, his car had gone from facing the wrong way on the wrong lane to facing the correct way on the correct lane. Billy’s eyes widened. The fog in his brain disappeared, and he could suddenly think straight. He knew exactly who had saved him.

“God?” He whispered.

I have given you your life, My son. Now go and use it the way I intended.

Billy broke down. He wept and wept, covering his pants with tears.

“Forgive me, Jesus. Forgive me, please.” He continued to cry. That night, in the small car cabin, Billy released all of his sin and doubt and gave his life to Jesus.

Two months later, Billy had restored his relationships with both his parents and Jason. He returned to Church, finding his time there to be refreshing and grace filled. Even though he had broken away from Christ, Christ had not abandoned Billy.