4 Things to Look For in 2020

Fireworks New Years Eve

In Uganda, the year 2020 has started off with a bang. Literally. For the first time ever, fireworks were seen all across the country to bring in the New Year. If I had somehow been awake at 11:59 PM on December 31st, 2019, I would have heard the familiar bang of fireworks. Unfortunately, I had something better to do-sleep.

For the first time in my life, I was not at my house during New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t even at a family member’s house. I was at a hotel in Entebbe. My family had been taking a much-needed vacation, owing to the absence from my house during this time. I was disappointed to not be here, but then I realized: I could still ring in the New Year in a hotel.

However, much to my dismay, the night of December 30th turned out to be abysmal, and I was unable to take a long nap the following day. By the time New Year’s Eve rolled around, I was exhausted and probably looked like something out of The Walking Dead. I barely made it to 11:00, keeping myself awake by watching Marvel’s Agents of Shield. I somehow managed to stay awake until 11:50, ten minutes until the New Year, before falling asleep in my hotel room. What a disappointment.

Oh well. Anyway, Happy New Year! It is now 2020 and, for the first time in 101 years, the first two numbers of the year mirror the second two numbers. The last time this happened was in 1919, when women’s rights were being explored, Babe Ruth transferred to the New York Yankees for a record sum, Teddy Roosevelt died in his sleep, World War I ended, and Louie Zamperini, Olympic athlete and famously converted Christian, was born. Truly, a remarkable year. And now, with 2020 just beginning, here are four things to be ready for the new year, mirroring what happened in 1919.

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The Brown Problem: An (in)Complete Look at the Antonio Brown Drama

Antonio Brown 84

Unless you’ve been off the internet for the last year, you’ve heard of the drama centering around Antonio Brown. Brown, possibly the best Wide Receiver in the league, started the year still in a five year, $72.7 million contract. Unfortunately, the deal turned black as relationships between Brown and head coach Tomlin de-escalated. A few insults later, Brown was being offered up for trade in what was probably the most garage-sale like offer in history. He was eventually traded to the Oakland Raiders, who offered him a contract worth $30 million.

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