32 Misconceptions About Flirting and Boy/Girl Relationships (feat. Keziah E)

Boys girls relationships misconceptions

Boy/girl relationships are tricky. Beginning them can be the most difficult thing in the world, especially if you’re rather shy. Sometimes, you can come across strong and the opposite party thinks you’re flirtatious. Other times, you’re too timid and the opposite gender thinks you’re scared. Confusing, right? Well, fear not, for today I have teamed up with Christian girl blogger Keziah E to answer some of humanity’s most difficult questions: about those of the opposite gender.

Keziah and I are writing about the two different sides- she is covering the side of the girls, and I’m answering the questions about the boys. There are two categories: Misconceptions and flirting. Keziah and I will each give 10 misconceptions about our own gender, then follow that up by giving 6 ways we think the other side flirts. Ladies, if you aren’t already, make sure to follow Keziah’s fantastic blog by clicking here. With that, let’s dive right in!

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200 Followers Celebration


Yesterday, as I blogged about the African Misconceptions, Africa Boy hit 200 followers. In just under three months, we have gone from 100 to 200 followers! This is absolutely awesome! Now, we’re 20% of the way to our major goal of 1,000 followers. However, this milestone is more meaningful then one might think. For the last three years, Africa Boy has experienced some major changes. Its site appearance, purpose, tagline, writing style, everything has undergone thought and change. Now, we even have a Facebook page! Truly, God is good. All the glory be to him forever and ever.

So, to celebrate our 200th follower, Luke, we’re going to do some unique stuff. Let’s get started!

Five strange things about me.

  1. I have chronic back pain. As a basketball player, I suppose that’s just part of the business, but I am plagued with bad back pain, especially after I play a game or workout.
  2. I am double-jointed. I can flex the first joints of my fingers, allowing me to easily palm a basketball.
  3. I am good at chemistry. As of right now, in 11th grade, Chemistry is by far my best subject. Apparently, I am the only writer/chemist teenager my friend Katelyn has ever heard of.
  4. I enjoy trying strange foods. To date, I have eaten food from China, India, Japan, USA, Uganda, Congo, Ethiopia, Thailand, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Mexico, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and a few more that I have forgotten. My favorite strange food is haggis.
  5. I took three years of piano and quite after my teacher moved away from Uganda to get married. I enjoyed the lessons but haven’t managed to find another teacher since.


This post was published by me just a few months ago. Called “The Ultimate Insult”, re-reading it and editing through it proved to be rather interesting. However, if you have any eye for writing, you will notice how much my writing style has changed in just the last few months. Practice makes mediocre, eh?

Looking Forward

While our overall goal is 1,000 followers, to hopefully be completed before 2021 is upon us, Africa Boy’s next milestone is 300 followers, which I hope to achieve before February of 2020.

Anyway, guys, thanks so much for being a part of this, and I truly appreciate you and your efforts. Thanks for reading this post, and if you haven’t already, be sure to click that Follow button, so as to not miss out on any new posts. Thanks again, and I hope you have an epic day!


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Five More Common Misconceptions About Africa


Last week, I wrote about the most common misconceptions of Africa, as commonly found in the United States. If you didn’t read that post, be sure to do so, as it can be found here. In my quest to confront common misconceptions on Africa Boy, I have managed to think of even more true misconceptions about Africa.

As stated before, these misconceptions are common. I see these every day when I’m in the United States, and, to be honest, they can be a little frustrating. People claim they don’t have the time to learn them, but in all honesty, how hard is it to spend a few minutes reading these posts or doing a little research? If any of these misconceptions describe something you used to think, then that’s alright- you were one of many. Just be sure to correct what you previously believed, and correct others if they make the same mistakes. 

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The 7 Most Common Misconceptions About Africa

Elephant with Sand

This is a massive issue. Once, in a small presentation at a school in Florida, I spoke about Uganda and my life therein. After finishing my small talk, I asked if there were any questions. Instantly, almost every hand rose. For the next half hour, I fielded questions from curious sixth graders, none of whom had even left the country.

Why is this a problem? Because every question they gave was slightly offending, and all are addressed in this post. The lack of African education in the United States is, quite frankly, concerning. So, to combat this massive blight of ignorance, here are the 7 most common misconceptions about Africa.

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