What Lecrae Taught Us About Sexual Abuse

In his popular song Good, Bad, Ugly, Lecrae did something unprecedented- he addressed the issue of physical abuse. He writes,

I remember back in the day

I was barely in the first grade

Got teeth mission’

Watchin’ Tom & Jerry

Tryna go outside so I can play

I was told to watch out for strangers

Keep my eyes peeled for danger

Folks workin’ late I had a baby sitter

I ain’t ’bout to sit here and name her

I was almost 8 when she came in late

Woke me up with a game to play

Did a few things that’s hard to say

And told me to keep that secret safe

Now how a young boy supposed to deal

I’m tryna act like it ain’t real

Had my innocence just stripped from me

And I still don’t know how to feel

And I wonder how to address it

Can’t tell my family too messy

So I just embrace it it’s hard to face it

I’m too ashamed to confess it

So I kept it in and ain’t speak

Didn’t think it hit me so deep

So into it I got promiscuous

And only God could help me get free

Good, Bad, Ugly by Lecrae

At a young age, Lecrae Devaughn Moore, popularly known as Lecrae, was sexually abused by a babysitter. Now, years later, he addresses this issue both in interviews, songs, and his popular book “Unashamed”. In it, he tells the story of his abuse, which later lead up to promiscuity at the age of fifteen.

This promiscuity continued into Lecrae’s college life, where he remained an unbeliever. Attempting to get a degree in the Arts, he later changed majors several times. Finally, after years of fighting God, he discovered Him.

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