The Tragic Loss of Real Masculinity

The Tragic Loss of Real Masculinity

Our culture has completely lost what it means to be a man. What was once a proud and accomplished status now lies discarded in the dirt. Boys have taken over our country. They have normalized non-manhood, brought themselves and their immaturity into popularity, and they continue to reject the true calling to manhood.

This travesty has destroyed many pieces of our culture. Quality of relationship has decreased massively over the past fifty years, punctuated by increases in divorce and abortion.

What needs to be done? How can we, as Christians, aggressively attack and destroy what our culture portrays as “manhood”, and show the way to creating true, real men?

It all starts with our boys.

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A Father to the Fatherless- How God Fills the Greatest Gaps in an Orphan Heart

Fatherless Prisoner Africa Boy Fatherhood

Recently, I began reading Randy Alcorn’s The Resolution for Men. The book is fantastically written and centers around a call for true, Biblical manhood. After giving a brief description of manhood, Alcorn lays out the true need for fathers, and the numbers he gives are more than astronomical- they are a punch in the gut.

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