Highlights of a Teenage Life

Have you ever gone through a time of such deep darkness that you forgot what the light looked like? I have. Anxiety, depression, black anger, hurt, frustration, and grief all accompany this tragic state. If you were ever a teenager, you likely can emphasize with this.

Teenage life is, after all, a trying time. We grow at a rapid rate between the ages of 13 and 20, often maturing so quickly (or slowly, at times) that we become different people almost overnight.

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32 Misconceptions About Flirting and Boy/Girl Relationships (feat. Keziah E)

Boys girls relationships misconceptions

Boy/girl relationships are tricky. Beginning them can be the most difficult thing in the world, especially if you’re rather shy. Sometimes, you can come across strong and the opposite party thinks you’re flirtatious. Other times, you’re too timid and the opposite gender thinks you’re scared. Confusing, right? Well, fear not, for today I have teamed up with Christian girl blogger Keziah E to answer some of humanity’s most difficult questions: about those of the opposite gender.

Keziah and I are writing about the two different sides- she is covering the side of the girls, and I’m answering the questions about the boys. There are two categories: Misconceptions and flirting. Keziah and I will each give 10 misconceptions about our own gender, then follow that up by giving 6 ways we think the other side flirts. Ladies, if you aren’t already, make sure to follow Keziah’s fantastic blog by clicking here. With that, let’s dive right in!

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A Recap on the 2019 NFL Season-Collaborated With Levine Lowdown


Well, the 2019-2020 NFL season is over. And if you, like me, are a fan of the National Football League, you probably had some expectations when the season began. You thought the Patriots were unbeatable, the Bears would make the Super Bowl, and the Browns would destroy everyone in their division.

Little did we know, this season was more unpredictable than any other before it.

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The Future Goals Award


Another award, created by myself! Hopefully, you guys will enjoy it as it gives you the opportunity to share your blog’s goals. Not only can you share a fun, lively goal, but you can also request others to do the same through tagging them! Alright, here are the rules (because everything fun has to have rules, am I right?).

  • Pingback to the creator, Elisha at http://www.africaboy.home.blog
  • Use the same Graphic as your nominee did (as seen above).
  • Share five goals for your blog.
  • Share five goals for your life.
  • Nominate at least five people.

Alright, here goes. Five goals for my blog.

  1. In one year, I’d like to be over 1,000 followers. It seems impossible, but I’m releasing new, quality content every week so we’ll see what happens.
  2. In one year, I’d like to be publishing 1,000+ word posts in every post.
  3. In two years, I’d like to have enough followers to enable WordAds, thus making me a little money for college.
  4. Even now, I’d like to be impacting people and confronting cultural walls, showing the depth of our sin and revealing God. I’d like to bridge the gap between two worlds, Africa and America, in the ways that God has called me. I would like to educate, through stories and experiences, the people of the East about life in Africa.
  5. In one year, I’d like to be posting on higher-level blogging websites such as The Gospel Coalition or at least continuing to post on The Reb.

Now, five goals for my life.

  1. I would like to impact everybody that I meet, showing the Kingdom of God and causing people to ask, “Why do you believe what you believe?” I refuse to become Josh Harris, who turned away from his faith and renounced Christianity.
  2. I would like to be a good writer, impacting many through my work.
  3. I would like to be married and have between 2 and 5 kids. 1 kid is too few, and more than 5 is too many.
  4. I would like to be coaching basketball, hopefully bringing athletes to Jesus through sports.
  5. I would like to be mature and strong in my Faith.

Alright, that’s done. Now, to start, we’ll nominate five people that hopefully don’t mind.

  1. Jesusluvsall. Sorry, man. I know you just did an award, but hopefully, you won’t mind.
  2. Ariana Evans. This will give you something to write about.
  3. Robert. I know you love awards, so here’s a new one!
  4. Angela G.
  5. Elijah Holston. I know you don’t blog about this stuff often, but hopefully, you can take a break from filming epic movies and write about your blog 🙂

Guys, if you are reading this and you would like to compete, feel free to do so! You are always welcome to steal an award from me. Just let me know in the comment section below if you intend to use this.

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The Food Award 2.0


Alrighty, Africa Boy is back with another award, and it’s one of my own invention- the Food Award! Lydia, thanks so much for the nomination! Guys, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out her epic blog here.

Alright, here are the rules.

1.Thank the person that nominated you-Lydia! 

2. Pingback to the creator, Elisha at https://africaboy.home.blog/

3. Use the same featured image as your nominator.

4. Answer the five questions.

5. Create five questions about food.

6. Nominate five people.

The first three are done, so now we move on to the questions. Here are Lydia’s questions, and my answers directly after them.

  1. What’s a food that you really dislike? Hmm, probably raw tomatoes. Honestly, they’re rather squishy and strange.
  2. What’s your favorite meat? Beef! I mean, steak!!!
  3. Do you prefer fruits or vegetables? Absolutely fruits all day, especially jackfruit or watermelon.
  4. Would you rather eat at Waffle House or Chick-fil-a? Chick-fil-a. They have a much higher track record of listening to my instructions pertaining to my lactose intolerance.
  5. Spaghetti or lasagna? Spaghetti, because I’m lactose intolerant, so lasagna wouldn’t be very good.

Ok, now I need to ask five questions.

  1. What’s your favorite breakfast food?
  2. Eggs and bacon or pancakes?
  3. If your birthday was today, what would you ask your mom/spouse/sibling to make for you?
  4. What’s one food you haven’t eaten but really want to try?
  5. If vegetarians are trying to save the animals, then why are they eating their food?

And now my five victi… I mean, nominees.

  1. Sarah Premkumar
  2. Kenechi Duatron
  3. Jesusluvsall
  4. Raegan
  5. Joshua Swanson

Alright, that’s all for today. Guys, have fun. As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this strange post. If you haven’t already, be sure to click that Follow button, so as to not miss out on any new posts. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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“Behind the Blogger” Nomination

As the title says, I have been nominated for the “Behind the Blogger Book Tag.” Thanks to the nominee, the author of Faith on the Farm. I truly appreciate it! Pingback to the creator, Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx

As the title says, I have been nominated for the “Behind the Blogger Book Tag.” Thanks to the nominee, the author of Faith on the Farm. I truly appreciate it! Pingback to the creator, Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx


1: Nominate 5 bloggers you would like to know more about, and use this tag.

2: Pingback to the creator (already done).

3: Thank the person who nominated you (already done).

4: Answer the 10 questions below.

The questions will be in bold and my answers will be in underline.

1: Why did you start blogging & why have you kept blogging?

I started blogging to share my experiences and thoughts with the rest of the world. I love writing stories or sharing thoughts, and blogging was the only way to combine both of them.

2: What is your favorite type of blog post to write?

My favorite type of blog post to write is a story. Stories of crazy things in Africa are usually hilarious, and I know a lot of people enjoy them.

3: What are your top 3 favorite blog posts?

Ooh, that’s a tough one. I think they are Who am I? What Am I Here For? and Dating In America and Predestination: The Love, Goodness, and Power of God.

4: What are some of your favorite things to do to relax?

Usually, when I want to relax, I will read a book or take a walk. When I read, my heart rate slows, and I find the world slowing down around me. When I take a walk, I get some time to talk to my Dad, God. That alone is the most relaxing thing anybody can experience.

5: What are three of your favorite things?

Wow, that is a hard one. I would have to say:

A: Reading the Bible.

B: Playing basketball

C: Listening to music while baking.

6: What are your proudest blogging moments?

My proudest blogging moments are usually when I either write something so good I need to share it with someone, or when somebody writes me something very encouraging on my blog. That alone makes my day 🙂 .

7: What are your hobbies outside of blogging?

I play basketball, bake, sing, talk to God, collect Pokemon cards, climb trees, eat, hang out with friends, and talk with friends on the internet.

8: Describe your personality in three words.

Loyal, loving, dorky.

9: What are your top three pet peeves?

A: Bad music played during worship in Church.

B: People making terrible fouls in basketball and not caring.

C: My little siblings eating my candy.

10: What’s something your followers don’t know about you?

Well, there are a few things that come to mind. First, that I love coffee. I can drink coffee morning, noon, and night. Second, that I have a gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback dog named Mounty. Third, I have an uncle who is a professional hunter, and works for Cabela’s.

Well, that was fun! Thanks to the blogger that nominated me!

Tag, you’re it!

I only know a few bloggers, but I would like to nominate Ariana Evans, Imogen Lily, and Grace.

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Jokes Aside

I am a jokester, plain and simple. I love a good laugh, especially from a funny, well-placed joke. However, sometimes I joke so hard it becomes difficult for people to know exactly when I am kidding and when I am not. Is it even possible to be joking so much but then begin talking about Jesus and His work in me?

The problem that many of us discover is how to share about Jesus. Nowadays, a Christian would not be described as “normal”. The popular image for Christians is a person that walks around saying, “I forgive you. Bless you, child.” What many people don’t realize is that many “normal” children, leading normal lives, are Christians. We walk, joke, eat, and (mostly) talk like atheistic children. But when we turn it around and begin talking about Jesus, a brick wall seems to materialize out of thin air. The children that do not believe in Jesus become surprised when they hear that we are Christians, for they would have thought that we would act strangely. Regardless, they then label us as “strange” and will go out of their way to avoid talking with us. How can we remedy this?

Many of my friends struggle in their friendships with atheist children. How can they be expected to share Jesus and risk losing a friendship? This is something we must all decide at one point or the other, especially in today’s world. However, as Christians, what are we called to do? Matthew 5:15-16 states, “Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” We are called, as Christians, to share our faith with others, regardless of the cost. Now, if we are worried about losing a friendship, you can actually share Jesus without directly preaching. Let your actions be a lamp to others, so they may see you and wonder what makes you special. If they are sinning, call them out, but do so lovingly. Give them no reason to hate us! Also, if they ask whether you are a Christian, tell them the truth! You can tell them you are a Christian, but there is no need to rub it in their faces. You can still be friends with a non-believer but allow your actions to show them who you serve: Jesus.

The only problem remaining is attitude changes. Many people become shocked to hear that the class clown of the local public school is a Christian-who would have thought it? He jokes around, and you wouldn’t have thought he was a Christian, for he acts just like a “normal” kid!  Well, we must still make sure that regardless of our attitude with normal people, we should ALWAYS be ready to share about Jesus. Do not be afraid, for He is here, and we are protected by His eternal mercy.

A Collab with Ariana Evans

Hello again! Welcome back to another episode of “Elisha-Weirdo in Uganda”. This week, I did an interview with a friend of mine, Ariana Evans. She takes my Writing Class, and she also helped to design my blog! Needless to say, I owe her a lot. Regardless, we decided to ask and answer 10 questions about each other, and post them separately on our blogs. Please check out her blog here. Her answers are in italics, and mine are in plain type.

Our Questions/Answers:

1. Why did you start blogging?

I wanted to share the truth of God’s word and bring people together. I like the idea of creating a community of believers, fun kids, and a place where you can both learn and teach. 

I started blogging for two reasons- to put my thoughts and struggles on paper and to talk to the world. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that people across the world read your thoughts, prayers, memories, and dreams.
2. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I love the community I got to create at AFL, and it wasn’t just my doing, but all my bloggers. I have to thank them all the time, my followers are so great. ❤

My favorite thing about blogging is the feedback. Many people have written to me and asked fantastic questions about Africa and life therein. Their questions inspire me to think and speak about more than I normally would. 
3. What is your favorite hobby?

I’ve played so many sports…haa! But, writing/theater is my favorite. I love to write essays and fiction, (fiction is better,) and plays are just fun to do.

My favorite hobby is collecting Pokémon cards. I really enjoy Pokémon and collecting had been a fun experience. Something I play less as a hobby but more as a job would have to be basketball. Basketball is the one thing that consumes most of my free time, and I love every minute of it! 
4. What is your least favorite thing to do?

I would have said cleaning about one month ago, but now I don’t hate it as much. I always loved to organize, but cleaning was horrible.  So, eating vegetables? Certain ones are okay, but broccoli is just bad…! I think arguing is probably my least favorite.

Doing the dishes! I mean, come on, who doesn’t hate doing the dishes?
5. Do you like to debate?

*nods vigorously* Definitely! 

YES! I am a very logically minded person, and as such, there are few things that I enjoy more than a good debate.

6: What does your daily life look like?

Well…I get up, I have a morning routine, which is now starting at 6:20 AM in the morning, (it was going to be 6:30 but I’m too rushed to get to my 7 AM class with some stuff I do int he morning), and then I do school all day/talking to friends/blogging. I also read and trying to add more to that. I watch TV at night with the family and go to bed. Different days have different habits. On Friday we clean everything, for example, and sometimes we go out to eat instead of eating at home. 😀

My daily life starts at 6:30-I wake up, get dressed, and do one of two things: either read my Bible or go for a run. I will then set the table for breakfast and work on some school until breakfast is ready. By the time breakfast is finished, I usually am ready for the day. I do school until 1:00, pausing to take a half-hour break at 10:30. After 1, my family and I eat lunch, and my parents take a nap. I usually use this time to either read or work on school. My afternoons are spent playing basketball, climbing trees, lifting weights, and occasionally doing school or video games on my computer. In the evening, I eat dinner with my family, and either study or talk with friends. 
7: What is your favorite class?

Ohhh, that’s hard! I love Composition II (writing) but I also love my Omnibus III classes which is theology, psychology, and reading/writing. Hummm…Omnibus probably!

My favorite class is Writing, which I do on Tuesday and Thursday. I really love the thinking it makes me do, and the challenges it poses. 
8: What is your favorite thing to blog about?

God! I love blogging about anything spiritual; whether that be a piece of writing about something controversial or something I found in the Bible that I didn’t know was there. Also, I love BVW (Bible Verse Wednesday).

My favorite thing to blog about is my life here in Africa, and God’s work in that life. I love expressing life here, especially the parts of it that I struggle with the most. Those parts are unique, and many people enjoy reading about them.
9: Who is the most influential person in your life?

My Mom! She is funny, smart, kind, and she loves her Bible. She loves to debate and loves to be challenged and challenging. She’s awesome! She also has the best hugs. ❤

The most influential person in my life is my dad. He is the wisest man I know, and if I could be just half the man he is, then I will be very happy.
10: What is one place you want to go to in the future?

Just one? Really? Wow. That hurts my traveling soul.  On my 18th birthday, I want to go sky-diving in New Zealand, and I would hate to miss that.  Or…England? I’m not sure!

Hawaii! I’ve always loved the beach, but I have never been there! Maybe for my honeymoon or something. 

American Dating: Relationship Without a Purpose

Many American teenagers frequently date before the age of 15. (Child Trends, 2015) By the age of 20, some people may have dated up to 30 different people. American teens date too early and too often. God created dating for use inside the context of marriage. Should dating not be used for its proper purpose? If early dating is wrong, then American teenagers should reserve dating for marriage and not date until ready for a serious commitment.  

            Granted, dating can provide a relational experience. In making mistakes, experience and memory will show a person to not make more of the same mistakes in the future. However, experience in unnecessary dating can give pain and brokenness. One should experience dating in the way one should experience a snake bite-you run away and don’t look back!

            To begin, dating at an early age has no point. Normally, a boy who dates at an early age will date a girl for a few months, and when he tires of her, he will dump her. Almost immediately, he will begin dating a new girl. Then when he finishes with her, he will dump her as well. The cycle continues, with nothing gained except practice for divorce. Why date so many women? When asked, one 16-year-old stated, “Dating helps you to get to know girls!” What’s the point? Does anybody gain anything in the long run? As a matter of fact, yes. People gain heartbreak and sinful habits. They become slaves to themselves and their own pleasure. Nothing good comes out of dating so many women. Dating is to be used inside the context of marriage. It should be used in the hopes that two people will get married. It may not lead to marriage, but the intent still exists.

            Secondly, the Bible speaks against dating. While a young Christian would disagree, older Christians know that the Bible tells us not to date until both God and the children’s parents ordain it. Song of Songs 8:4 says “Young women of Jerusalem, I charge you: do not stir up or awaken love until the appropriate time.”[1]  Solomon cries out to the daughters of Jerusalem to avoid seeking love before God ordains it. In that day, the women of Jerusalem sought marriage or prostitution for sexual means before the age of 18. Solomon, while not the best example with women, tells us God, not us, oversees our love life. Romans 12:1 says, “Therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, I urge you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God; this is your spiritual worship.”[2] Paul states that Christians should keep their bodies pure, for if we exist as part of a holy marriage to God through His church, then should our bodies not be kept pure for him? Dating ensues kissing and often more. Many American teens take dating as permission to freely have sex or sexual contact. They become like rampaging soldiers-free to do as they want. These sinful actions do not glorify God, but instead defile his temple.

            Finally, dating should exist for marriage and marriage only. Childtrends.org states that around 40% of 10th graders date frequently. By 12th grade, 72% date frequently and 16% date more than once a week (Child Trends Databank, 2015). Certainly, today’s dating exists differently from the dating God created. In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve. When Adam first set sight on Eve-the first and only perfect woman-, he fell in love. From the top of her blonde hair to the bottoms of her bare feet, Adam loved Eve. He could not stop looking at this literal vision from heaven, and for the first time in human history, a man fell in love with a woman. In a sense, he dated her, through his wooing of her heart. God planned for something to come before marriage-dating. God created dating for use inside the context of marriage.  A God so pure and holy did not intend dating as a path to sex. He created it for a man and women to use in the process to marriage. Every human being who misuses dating misuses God’s Holy purpose. In our pride, we, as fallen humans, think that we choose to define dating, not God. With God as King, we have no need to rise above him. The created submit to the all knowledgeable creator, who invented and created dating for us to enjoy inside the context of marriage.

            American teens should reserve dating for marriage, and not date until they are ready for a serious commitment. Dating has been tainted. Many teens use dating as a highway for sexual acts. They fornicate without guilt, and the American culture glorifies it. Should people not honor God with their bodies? Should they not seek to use dating for the purpose that God created it for? Yes, America needs to change. Dating needs to change.

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A: Child Trends Databank, https://www.childtrends.org/?indicators=dating, 2015

B: Child Trends Databank, https://www.childtrends.org/?indicators=dating, 2015

[1] HCSB translation

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Written by Elisha McFarland, edited by Laura McFarland, Josephine Lee, Melonie Eastham, Silas Pearson, and the rest of my Writing and Comp II class

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