A Recap on the 2019 NFL Season-Collaborated With Levine Lowdown


Well, the 2019-2020 NFL season is over. And if you, like me, are a fan of the National Football League, you probably had some expectations when the season began. You thought the Patriots were unbeatable, the Bears would make the Super Bowl, and the Browns would destroy everyone in their division.

Little did we know, this season was more unpredictable than any other before it.

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A Collab with Hannah Gaudette!

Next up in my “Collab” series- Hannah Gaudette! Hey Hannah, welcome to the show.

“Aw, thanks, Elisha. It’s an honor to be here.” (I’m making this up).

Anyway, make sure to check out Hannah’s epic blog here! The proceedings are the same as always. Ask 5 questions each, answer all 10. Mine are in bold, and hers are in italics. The questions are underlined.

1. What is your favorite part of blogging? The feedback! Lots of people write to me with appreciation, advice, and much more. I absolutely love hearing from you guys!
Probably the interaction between like-minded people. I love connecting with followers and seeing what their blogs are like.
2. What are three of your hobbies? NFL Fantasy Football, Pokemon cards, and knife collecting.
Training dogs, playing dodgeball, and writing. I. Love. Dodgeball. 😉
3. Describe one of your favorite memories. Hmm. There are many, but the first to come to mind is very recent. I was hanging out with a group of friends, one of which is a good friend of mine. He and I were talking about his college choices, and I really appreciated the time with him, because we don’t get to see each other often. Then, the girl that I liked (yeah, sue me) looked over at me and started talking with us. All in all, the afternoon was really fun, and it was great to hang out. 
One of my favorite memories is of the first and second time I went to my youth group. Everyone was so welcoming, they just made me so happy to be there.
4. You have a choice between buying a cow, a dog, and a hedgehog – which do you pick? A cow! Then at least I could sell the milk 🙂
A hedgehog. 😉 They’re easier to take care of.
5. What is your blog about, and what can new followers look forward to? My blog is about some of the crazy stuff that happens here in Africa. I get to share a lot of my stories, dreams, and experiences, as well as some other random stuff. As I get more creative, I can tell more about the stuff that happens here! 
My primary blog is about living with food allergies. I use this platform to raise awareness as well as encourage and equip other young people dealing with severe allergies. I want this blog to be a place where people can feel that someone has come alongside to inspire them on that road.
6: Is there a specific person that you would say is your role model, besides your parents and God? Hmm, probably Lecrae. That guy has seen it all, and I love reading what he says and listening to him rap about God. 
I wouldn’t be able to pick one person, because so many people have inspired me. But I would say a huge inspiration for me has been the people involved in my youth group. They make up an amazing clan. :
7: Do you have a pet? Yep! My dog, Mounty (short for Mountaineer. My dad is a creative West Virginian). She is an 11-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback. 
*mirthless laughter* Too many, in fact. Four dogs, three cats, a few goats . . . Goats don’t count as pets, just don’t tell that to my cousin.
8: What’s the hardest thing about blogging? Probably coming up with new topics. I usually need to ask friends for ideas.
Without a doubt – deciding on new posts. 😉
9: What’s your favorite thing to do during your free time? BASKETBALL. I love playing basketball, and it takes up about 75% of my free time. 
Hang out with friends (i.e. youth group), play dodgeball, read the Bible and write in my journal.
10: What genre of music do you prefer? Christian Rap! I love Lecrae, NF, KB, Trip Lee, Andy Mineo, Derek Minor, and more! 
Christian is the only one I listen to, so . . .  But specifically, I like Integrity Worship and Young and Free.

A Collab with Newblogger20!

Hey! This is my second “episode” in my collab series, which I hope to continue! I am doing it with Newblogger20, or ****, as I call her (she’s anonymous). You can find her blog here. We have each created 5 questions to answer, so this is going to be fun! Her answers are in Italics and mine are in bold.

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging as a way to express myself, my insecurities and my worries in life. It was never intended to be a blog with just under 60 followers, and I never expected anyone to ever bother to reply to any of my posts, but the love and support I have had from all of you has made me so happy so thank you so so much ❤❤❤

I started blogging to get my thoughts on paper and to share some of my experiences. I had so many cool stories, I figured, “Hey! Why not?” 

2. If you could have one wish, what would it be and why?

For all wars to cease around the world and no war would ever happen again. I think the main reason I choose this is because so many innocent people get killed, and it’s just not fair. If you want to have an argument, go talk it out somewhere rather than murdering innocents!

Oooh, that’s a tough one. Well, I would wish that either A: the girl I like would notice me 🙂 B: My maturity in Christ would increase tenfold or C: My parents could go to Cancun for a 2-week vacation. 

3. What’s the most humiliating thing you have ever done?

Fell flat on my face (on a rocky beach 😭) in front of my crush cos I was staring at him 😂😭😂

Well, I go to a “TCK Camp” once a year in July, and last year I volunteered to do a “test of manhood”. Basically, I had to go through a bunch of random (but humiliating) tests, such as shouting the loudest and sitting in a puddle of water, all in front of about 100 people! Needless to say, I was rather embarrassed.

4. Weirdest dream?

I once had a dream where my animals turned into people and my friends and family turned into animals… but the animals sounded like my friends… and looked like shriveled up walnuts with legs… it was odd…

Um that Uganda and America were the same places, and the cultures mixed. VERY strange. 

5. Three things you hate?

  1. The sound of a knife scraping a plate or a scratch art tool (same noise… gives me shivers 😭)
  2. Spiders 
  3. People who show off about money in front of people who they knows family find money hard to get 😡

1: Sweet potatoes 

2: My siblings being louder than usual. 

3: Tomatoes

6: Favorite Drink?

Sprite Zero or cold water.

COFFEE!!!!! Any day, every day, in all weather and all times of the day. Iced, black, basically any type that doesn’t have milk (I’m lactose intolerant). 

7: Favorite movie?

Walk. Ride. Rodeo.

The Lord of the Rings or Captain America: Winter Soldier. 

8: Favorite fast food restaurant? 


When I am in the USA, definitely Wendy’s. Their hamburgers are fantastic. 

9: One country you want to go to in your life?


Israel! I want to walk the places Our Lord used to walk! 

10: Favorite blog post?
‘My Accident’ – it helped me get so much off my chest and I got so many nice messages ❤️ 

Oh, it would have to be Johnny. That was such a fun post to write, and it had a lot of emotion!