The Benefits and Drawbacks of Christian Homeschooling

Homeschool Christian homeschooling mother and child

I have been homeschooled for eleven out of my twelve academic years. In fifth grade, I attended a Christian school in West Virginia for a year, showing me what an American school was like, but I haven’t attended a “real” school since, leaving me as a homeschooler for the last six years in a row. I have been taught by over 6 different teachers, taken over 5 different curriculums, and attended two different online schools, one of which I am still with.

I am, without a doubt, a homeschooler. Good luck trying to debate otherwise.

Of course, life as a homeschooler has had its highs and lows. Sometimes, you feel on top of the world, but then life comes and smacks you on the back of the head. One of the most common misconceptions (yeah, we’re good at dealing with those, aren’t we) about homeschoolers is that we have it easy. This is so untrue it almost becomes humorous. I have several friends within the same online school that I attend, except they are “diploma” students, meaning that they work very hard for high grades and do extra work. Many of them average between 3-6 hours of sleep a night, only taking breaks from school on the weekend. They play no sports and have little free time, yet they are some of the smartest people I know. This level of schooling and pressure turns many “normal” kids into the brightest students in the country.

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