Four Faith-Growing Books to Read During Quarantine

Bible Coffee books to read in quarantine

Quarantine has become the most boring thing on the face of the planet, and for good reason, too. We are relational beings and, with the exception of a few, we need relationship as a part of the day. Without relationship, we find ourselves rather empty, seeking means of fulfillment that won’t do anything except bring momentary pleasure.

Having become quite bored of watching basketball tik-toks during my free time (come on, Lebron, you’ve got better things to do), I have taken up reading different Theological books. All have proven interesting, and my faith has been strengthened through what I have learned.

If you, like every single other American, are a Christian under quarantine, I suggest mimicking this example. After all, you can’t lose something by reading newer books, and you should see your faith strengthened through your increase in knowledge and love for Christ.

Some books are particularly fantastic faith-strengtheners, as you will see in a moment. All of them can be bought on Kindle Store, so you won’t have to wait a long time for the book to arrive. Try filling your time with one of these, and hopefully, your relationship with Christ will also increase, thus helping satisfy your need for relationship.

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