Africa Boy’s Birthday (and a shoutout!)

birthday meerkat with flowers celebration

Well guys, we’ve done it. It has been almost exactly one year since Africa Boy’s birth. One year since I had two followers (myself and Ariana Evans), one year since the background was blue and the blog header was an elephant. One year since I discovered the fantastic platform known as WordPress. And boy, it has been a unique year. Let’s do a quick recap.


Best post: The Ultimate Insult.

March was a trial-and-error month for me, trying to figure out what WordPress was, how to market my website, and trying to tell my friends about it. I was also discovering my writing style, something that has significantly changed over the last year (if you’ve been with me from the beginning, you’ll agree). During March, I published 16 posts, averaging 2 likes per post, had 304 total views from 80 visitors, and reached 40 followers.

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