The Absolute and Utter Stupidity of Politics

The Absolute and Utter Stupidity of Politics

This post really should be around six thousand words. I could probably write a fifteen-page essay on this topic, but, for the sake of wordcount, I shall restrain myself and discuss only what is necessary.

Yesterday, West Virginia governor Jim Justice announced that all winter sports (including my sport, basketball) are completely canceled until January 11th at the earliest. This is just another example of the American government completely failing in their duties to the American people. The decision has absolutely no logic behind it and was passed because of fear and peer pressure.

America’s problems begin from the top down, starting with Donald Trump. While I am Republican, I refuse to be one of those that ignore Trump’s faults. While Trump did a decent job in the “Covid-19 Presidency”, he failed to properly lead the American people in accountability, propriety, or responsibility. Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he pointed fingers to the Democrat party, shifted blame, or refused to acknowledge a tangible problem.

Yet, for all his faults, he actually managed to drastically reduce the overall production time of a COVID vaccine. Through the work of American scientists and doctors, a breakthrough was found….exactly a week and a half after election day, and three days after Joe Biden’s victory was announced.

Coincidence? Absolutely not.

You see, Pfizer (the creator of this vaccine) did not release the news of the vaccine until directly after Joe Biden’s victory. While I cannot claim that Pfizer definitely withheld information for political reasons (and thus I cannot claim such information as fact), I firmly believe that this vaccine was withheld until Donald Trump had lost. If the vaccine had been announced before the election, as it should have, the numbers may have turned and Trump could have won. If these assumptions are true, then this is just another example of the disgusting combination of politics and the pandemic.

There are too many such examples to count. We, the American people, have lost all sense of decency (the Presidential debate), graciousness (the riots), servanthood (corrupt cops), leadership (Jim Justice and California’s governing body), and love. We are a selfish, self-absorbed, easily-angered and quickly-speaking country. The very principles upon which this country was built have been discarded and left to rot.

When are we going to wake up? When are our governors going to begin making decisions outside of pressure, with the best interests of their people at heart? Instead of giving into peer pressure and making decisions with no logic (canceling sports, requiring masks in your own yards, etc.), governors have to understand that their people are tired of the governmental yoke of oppression. For almost a year now, we have withstood new mandates, laws, and even arrests over refusal to exercise the right to not wear a mask.

When are we going to realize that this virus is not going to magically disappear because the American people wore their masks, social distanced, didn’t go to church, conducted school online, and stayed in their homes?

This virus is massively contagious. It spreads through human contact, a part of life absolutely necessary for maintaining the sanity of a human being (by which I mean that the majority of Covid transmissions are between family members that spent time together). While mask mandates and social distancing laws may partially slow the spread of the virus, why are we overestimating their effectiveness? Look around you. We have had over ten million cases and 238,000 deaths. This virus is bigger than anybody anticipated, and it isn’t going to be stopped by a stupid piece of cloth or paper.

Many will argue with such points, claiming these numbers would be much higher if we had not imposed nationwide mandates. To such a claim, I point to the country of Sweden. From the beginning, they have emphasized personal choice and discretion with masks/social distancing. If someone has a health issue or is at risk, they can stay at home or wear a two-way mask in public. Otherwise, the people are free to act at their discretion. Schools were not closed, and businesses remained open. Guess what? Sweden’s numbers are almost precisely the same as the neighboring country of Finland, a country that did close schools, impose mask mandates, and require business to shut down for ridiculous amounts of time.

What does this say to you? These procedures do not slow the virus as much as we thought. Yet the American government insists on abiding by them, even going so far as to ask citizens to call the police on non-mask-wearing people (Jim Justice said this yesterday). This is absolute and utter madness! In fact, the only explanation that makes even the most remote sense is found in a single word: politics.

Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic coincided with the election year. While we quarantined in our homes, Donald Trump and Joe Biden dueled in commercials, advertisements, radio discussions, and debates. State governors, knowing their time was almost at an end, fought to buy the most voters instead of actually trying to restore some semblance of real life. Most governors have long since proven their disinterest in the mind of the people (as proven by anti-lockdown riots and demonstrations across the USA), exchanging interest in the people for interest in their jobs.

It is only by the grace of God that the end is within sight. The vaccine, despite its apparently-delayed appearance, is beginning production. By January, most of America should be vaccinated. I only hope that the American governors are smart enough to realize that vaccinated people cannot get the disease and will thus return us to completely normal life.

Christians: we are not excused from our duty to prayer. While my frustration in the American government is valid, as asserted by many around me, this does not give me an excuse to stop praying. Despite my absolute disliking for Joe Biden, I will pray for him every time I hear his name. He needs Jesus, just like the rest of us. Please don’t forget that you do, too.

May the grace and peace of God be upon you,


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25 thoughts on “The Absolute and Utter Stupidity of Politics

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  2. Amen to this. thank you for writing… I think we as a culture, have slowly been losing our own sense of identity, only to replace it with the identity, thoughts and ideas of those “higher up” than us. Each one of us needs to decide for ourselves, what we believe, and to hold true to it…Not being swayed by those of more influence.
    And I very, very much wish we hadn’t been forced to wear masks. I wish they had given us the choice. But nope. Control, control. There really isn’t a such thing as a “free” country, anymore. Not America, at least…
    Anyways, pardon my rambling/ranting…
    Again, great post. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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  3. Karl Bickerstaff

    Exactly how I feel. Anyone who watched the first 10 minutes of the first presidential debate knows that politicians care more about stepping on their opponent’s toes than doing their jobs. Though, to be fair, there are a few people who seem to actually care about the people (Dan Crenshaw 2024).

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  4. Ella Smalley

    Totally agree, politics have really gotten out of hand, many of our leaders, the media and stars in Hollywood keep spreading propaganda and lies trying to divide and throw this country into turmoil and chaos. But while I agree that President Trump does not appear to have lived a God centered life and does not always act in a Christian like manner, I believe that Government is not supposed to act as our moral compass or be the people we look to for guidance as far Christianity is concerned but rather it’s is there to protect our rights as Christians and Americans. I believe President Trump is one of the few people in government who is in it for us as Americans and is standing up for our rights. Also he is the first president to ever attend the Pro Life Convention. Great post, it really made me think. Sorry about the political rant.

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    1. I agree with that 100%, and while it isn’t supposed to be our political compass, think about the meaning of leadership: how do people lead? By example. You can’t effectively lead by example if you’re caught up in your own self-value. You have to be morally (and Biblically) sound if you want to have massive success as a leader of men.

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  5. Timoth

    I have heard that the ICU beds are full from a former nurse. So there is some logic in the new mandate. I completely disagree with how they are doing it though. When Smallpox was rampant in England and America mothers and fathers took their newborn children and any children and EXPOSE them to the disease so they WOULD GET it because once you’d had it you were immune. That forced them to trust in God to preserve their child’s life. Yet we are here today being forced to wear masks that the virus can fit through? Once you’ve had it you are immune.

    Not to mention the lack of legal backing for the MANDATES to wear masks. (A mandate is not a law). And then there are threats of fines for businesses not forcing their customers to wear masks? Since when did the government own private property?

    Also, the electoral college does not vote until December and there are tons of legal battles going on in swing states (Dominion Voting Systems as well). The presidential election is anything but decided. Don’t think I’m saying that if Biden does win I won’t obey his laws because I’m not. Whoever is elected I will submit to so long as the laws they make would not cause me to violate God’s law.

    There is my rant. Thank you for bearing with me.

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  6. mimerific

    I agree with most of your post, Elisha. I personally hate politics and frankly did my best to avoid them during the election. I missed my opportunity to vote by my eighteenth birthday falling nine days after the election, which I’m both upset about and relieved at the same time.
    The one thing I didn’t like is your bold language. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you. Like, pretty much completely. But still, this is our country, and our leaders that God appoints. Politics can be wrong, but they shouldn’t be slandered. I think that respect should be used, even though our feelings tell us otherwise. And I’m not saying you were necessarily disrespectful, just strong willed (which I know you are). I’m just saying that as I was reading the post, that’s what I noticed, and maybe it’s something to think about.
    I know you’ll probably disagree, at least partially, with what I’m saying. And I could have not posted this at all, because maybe it doesn’t matter. But I was board, and sometimes it’s fun to disagree with you. So, you’re welcome and sorry.


    1. First of all: *Bored, not board. Smh you’re a writer you should know better 😉
      K, so yeah, strong language. That was kinda the point. This is the only time you will EVER find me writing with strong language. Mostly because of the absolute and utter stupidity of the times (see what I did there?).
      But come on, it is NOT fun to disagree with me lol. You should know better 😀

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      1. First of all, same difference. Second of all, I was typing on my phone with my best friend autocorrect. It’s not entirely my fault. Third of all, I’m not the besest speller and actually usually spell that one wrong, depending on the context.
        You are wrong. It’s very fun to disagree with you. At least I get a kick out of it. (See how I was disagreeing with you again there?) Plus, how would you know if it’s fun to disagree with you if you’re you, not the other person who’s doing the disagreeing?


    2. “This is our country and our leaders that God appoints.” I disagree. It is obvious that the people don’t have complete control currently. Maybe that will change as time goes on, but it is not ours right now.
      Second, I don’t think that God appointed Biden. Governmental leadership was instituted by man; not God. Just read about Samuel’s rants against the people and God saying that they had rejected Him (1 Samuel 8).
      Third, it’s good to have strong language to completely express your feeling.

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      1. mimerific

        Okay, I admit that I don’t entirely agree with myself on what I wrote before. But the Bible does say to respect those in power because God allowed them to be there.
        Do you mean the country isn’t ‘ours’ as in Christians?
        I agree with expressing feelings to their full extent. I do it a bit too much quite often. I’m only saying we should retain respect as well.

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      2. Where does the Bible say to respect our (earthly, man-made,) governmental institutions (that promote that which He does not agree with)?
        I mean that the country is ruled by the government, not the people; Christians and non-Christians.
        Of course we should retain respect. I absolutely agree with you there. You can be right, and it’s good to be right, but who will want to listen to you if you are disrespectful?


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