600 Followers Celebration!

Celebration balloons 500 followers

Well that was…fast. Didn’t we just have the last one about two and a half weeks ago? Yes, we did. My blog not only set a new personal record for the fastest time to gain 100 followers (in two weeks, actually given that I hit 600 a few days ago), but it also set massive new records for traffic, including reaching 200 daily views for the first time, then proceeding to do this three times in a single week.

What on earth is happening.

Well, a few things, actually. This month, I have completely shied away from the topic of SEO, and yet older SEO posts are still bringing in around 10 weekly visitors, which proves that 1: I have found my niche and 2: Moving your niche is doable. Africa Boy will, as I have been saying for the past few months, be undergoing some changes at some point, although I have not managed to get around to them just yet. It will likely be shifting to elishamcfarland.com, and I will focus solely on Christianity and blogging as topics.

A quick recap of the month- I focused largely on quarantine and theology, with the largest exception being my last post (titled “What We Learned From Pride And Prejudice”). I gave some ideas for quarantine, made sure to mention that it would be temporary, and tied it in with Scripture. I also collaborated with the fantastic blogger Keziah, who was kind enough as to enlighten me in a few details about females. Then, to wrap it all up, we reviewed a popular song and a classical book. Quite the month, right?

We’re just getting started.

Hang tight, because I have some wild posts coming up, including one by published author Keith McFarland (yes, he has the same last name as me. Yes, he is my dad.) Make sure to stick around and, if possible, recommend this blog to someone you know.

Until then, let’s dish out a couple of rewards.

1: The Blog I’ve been reading almost obsessively- The Art of Blogging. The author, Christian Mihai, writes fantastic posts daily, and every post targets a specific area of blogging that you can get better in. He often calls people to challenges, and they respond. In fact, he is one of the men that has pushed me to be a better blogger, and his work has stuck with me for a long time. Thanks, Christian.

2: My favorite blog author- Karl Bickerstaff. Karl recently created his website, but he has done a phenomenal job, writing some truly eloquent work on difficult topics. Despite the fact that he has a bet with me on who can reach a certain number of followers first (Karl, you’re going down), please make sure you check out his website by clicking here. He is an awesome writer and you won’t be disappointed.

3: My favorite blog by design- Joshua Makoto Swanson’s. I seriously like the way you’ve styled your blog, Joshua, good job. Another Christian blogger, make sure you guys follow him by clicking here.

Finally, we conclude with a thank you. Thanks so much for following this blog, guys. You are all awesome. Many of you have been encouraging and gracious with me, and for that, you have my eternal gratitude. God bless you, and let’s keep going to 1,000 followers!

Alright, that’s all for today. Thanks so much for reading! I hope you followed the bloggers I listed (I am partially kidding). Make sure you have clicked that Follow button below (or to the side), otherwise, you’re missing out on getting emails about my newest content. Thanks again for reading, and I hope you have a fantastic day!

Follow Elisha McFarland! https://africaboy.home.blog/2020/04/15/what-we-learned-from-pride-and-prejudice/

Last post: What We Learned from Pride and Prejudice

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57 thoughts on “600 Followers Celebration!

      1. Matthew Smith

        You said “which proves that 1: I have found my nice and 2: Moving your niche is doable” did you mean to say “nice” the first time? cause if so it doesn’t really make sense.

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  1. Karl Bickerstaff

    Congratulations, and thanks for the mention!
    Also, I object. You may currently have 57.818181818 times as many followers as me, but I ain’t going down easy…

    Liked by 1 person

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