200th Post: The Universal Sabbath

Quiet sunrise sabbath

Something unprecedented is happening. For the first time in history, the world is taking a sabbath. Forced into quarantine, thousands are trapped in their homes, unable to go about normal lives. And through this, nature has shown some amazing changes.

Nature has been affected by a lack of three things- no people, no pollution, and no work. In this, major changes are happening worldwide, causing environmentalists and seismologists alike to dance with joy at the readings they are receiving.

The lack of people has meant a brought some hilarious side effects. In Wales, wild goats have taken to the empty streets, becoming increasingly bold in the absence of people. The canals in Venice have, for the first time in centuries, become clear enough to see the bottom, an interesting side effect of the lack of pollution. The air in industrial countries like China and Italy has become increasingly clear, and even air above United States cities like Seattle has seen drops in fog pollution up to 30%. Humanity is reduced to indoors, and nature has responded.

“It’s as if God pushed the power button on the world.” My grandfather’s words still ring true. God has, almost literally, pushed a power button on humanity. Jobs are dead, factories sit cold and unmanned, and we are all indoors, spending our time on the Internet. It’s almost as if everyone is on a forced, extended Sabbath. But that’s not what’s happening… right?

In a way, that’s exactly what’s happening. After decades of both Eastern and Western culture ignoring the traditions of the Sabbath (whether out of busy life or simply a disregard for the Scriptures they do not believe in), now everyone is on Sabbath. Except this time, the Sabbath has lasted for over two weeks and could go on for another two months.

Now, in a day of rush and business, nobody seems to know how to stop and rest. Within just days of beginning quarantine, thousands have complained of feeling claustrophobic, trapped by the walls of their house with nowhere to go. As I wrote in my last post, there is plenty to do during quarantine, but even through a loss of the relationship that we so desperately crave, we are called by Christ to use these times to rest. Even God himself took time off to rest, and He commands us to do the same.

There is plenty to do during quarantine, but even through a loss of the relationship that we so desperately crave, we are called by Christ to use these times to rest. Even God himself took time off to rest, and He commands us to do the same.

So what does true rest look like? Most people might view it as a morning to sleep in, or perhaps an afternoon nap. While these activities are factors to a restful day, they are not the full picture. A complete restful day involves shutting your mind off from the worries of this world. Turn off your internet box. Shut off your phone. Lock the doors and put the shades down. Then, in the solitude of your house, meditate. If you’re a Christian, meditate on Christ. Read your Bible. If you aren’t, take some time and journal. Write out what you’re struggling with, the parts of life that are hurting you the most. Try to do that for an entire afternoon.

Do what others aren’t doing- use this universal sabbath to rest. Make sure that you are fully prepared (mentally, physically, and spiritually) for the world you are going to enter into in a few weeks. Prepare yourself, sleep in a little, and stop making Tik Toks. Please.

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26 thoughts on “200th Post: The Universal Sabbath

  1. Even in this Christians are called to work six days of the week. The quarantine gives more time to perform those works necessary to accomplish within your home, and yes, it helps people to slow down and really take a moment to observe. To me it seems more like a restart button; a less harmful way to repair much of the damage in the world. Events in our own country were repeating those events in this very same country shortly before the American Civil War. This pandemic, although it is terrible and deadly, may very well be saving us from war. All around the world, in response to this disease, people have been growing more united. Sometimes God’s blessing, though in the form of a curse, is a blessing nonetheless.

    That turned out longer and deeper than I intended, but I just wanted to say that.

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  2. This is not a time of rest and peace for most adults. In the US, 10 million people have lost their jobs. Economists are projecting up to 10 million more lay-offs by the end of next week. I know people who have turned into raging alcoholics and haven’t been able to sleep for days, who are experiencing acute despair and humiliation. Where there is not a breadwinner in their house anymore and they are running out of money. They are worrying about food, about foreclosure, the economic survival of family and friends. Whose kids have lost a semester and potentially a full year of education. Who run a business and are trying to balance the financial survival of their own family versus keeping employees. It’s not weeks of nature walks and Netflix for most people, and it’s going to get very bad before it gets better. It is terrible this is happening right before Easter, which is usually a time of celebration and renewal.

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    1. Absolutely, which further emphasizes my point- be still and know that He is God. They aren’t the only ones affected by this, you know. If you’ve read my post on what corona has done, you’ll know it’s done as much to me as any others, and thus I speak from experience- the only thing to do, now especially, is to be at peace.


      1. I’m really not trying to be mean, but I have read a lot of Christians respond with “chill out and trust in God.” And I have to say, when you are talking to someone (as we did today with a client that laid off 600 employees) you come across more as blase at an inappropriate time. I think Christians need to be mindful about what it is that actually brings people to God in times of crisis. What makes other people want to be Christians. It’s not gardening advice. It’s action. “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that.” James 2:19

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      2. Yes ma’am, and I underestand (and even agree, to an extent) that. However, Christ does tell us to come to him and receive rest (Matthew 11:28-30). You may not want to receive this from a teenager, but this is the teenager who just lost his home, his friends, and his very culture without so much of a warning. And in all if it, even as it happened, I found peace through Christ in coming to him. God bless you 🙂

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  3. Anneka https://annekareyne.wordpress.com

    Congrats on the 200th post! 😀 And Great post! It’s interesting, about the Canal in Venice, and the pollution! I didn’t know that.

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    1. xD ikr?
      So, for that, it’s up to you, I’m not going to pass judgements on specific situations, I’ll leave that up to your dad. In the same way, there’s no reason to not think on your problems… I mean, Jesus himself contemplated his own death before it happened xD


  4. Isabel Eleison

    Well said. It’s interesting to think about how even we, as Christians, have more or less lost the ability to rest. God’s definitely got things to teach us by putting us all in quarantine! The changes in bodies of water and in pollution have been crazy too 😝

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