Throwing Yourself In the River of God’s Grace

Throwing into river of God Christ Christians

Sometimes, it just feels like the whole world is against you. Your friends think you’re weird, your siblings think you’re a dork, your parents are disappointed in your grades, and your best friend just moved to Montana. The only thing you want to do is run away from home. Is this you? I hope it’s not just me.

Honestly, this often isn’t far from the truth. Somedays, you feel like you’re on top of the world. Others, you want to find the nearest cliff. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum more times than I can count, and I’m positive I’m not the only one.

When you feel this type of pressure, there is only two things you can do: throw yourself in a river or throw yourself in a river.

Wait, what? Aren’t those the same thing?


There are two types of rivers to throw yourself in to. One is the literal river, a picture of suicide. The other is the river of Christ and His grace, and this is the only option that will bring you true, everlasting fulfillment.

There are two types of rivers to throw yourself in to. One is the literal river, a picture of suicide. The other is the river of Christ and His grace, and this is the only option that will bring you true, everlasting fulfillment.

The first option is possibly the most selfish act a human being can commit. While suicide can feel like an appropriate action, all it causes is hurt, loneliness, and regret. Many will say, “it’s my life, why can’t I take it?” Well actually, no. It’s God’s life. He created you. And, regardless of whether or not you believe in Christ, He is the one with a plan for your life. For example: if you are an atheist and do not believe in God, on the off chance that God actually existed, would you be happy knowing that you have disappointed Him beyond belief in your action?

No matter your family situation, your living situation, or even your financial situation, committing suicide will always hurt someone. Every single time someone commits suicide, another person in this world is left grieving and hurting. Whether it’s your parents, your siblings, your friends, or even the nice guy at the grocery store that you made friends with, you will hurt someone.

On the other hand, there is an option that will hurt no one. Choosing to throw your burdens, grief, and pain upon Him is the one of the most satisfying and freeing actions a person can make. It leaves a sense of freedom that cannot be replicated elsewhere, something that leaves the newly-freed person wanting to sing, dance, and leap for joy. Indeed, that’s exactly what I did when I first began this process.

The process is begun by reading a single verse. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

All things work out for the good of those that love God. Interestingly, this doesn’t specifically mean that good will come to that person. Take a death, for example. How would a death work out for the good of the person that died? It wouldn’t, obviously, but it may impact a person who watched the dying person’s life, and in the end the impact turned positive. This is what the verse means- all things, both good and bad, are part of God’s plan, and all of them will produce good, whether to you or someone around you.

Nine days ago, I experienced one of the darkest hours of my life. In that time, some very special friends of mine encouraged me to take my problems to God, and reminded me that all things work out for good. At first, this seemed like the most hilarious thing to do. What good could come out of me being stuck in Uganda without my brother or mom? Then, as I prayed and sought God’s word, I realized the truth. I don’t need to look for the good in that situation. In fact, I don’t even need to hope for it. I do, however, need to trust God’s plan, and know that He has a reason for everything. Every single thing in this world happens because of God.

“But doesn’t that mean that God is responsible for the bad things that happen?”

Yes. God doesn’t always cause bad things to happen, but he allows them to happen (just read Job). I wrote extensively on this in my post about God’s power and goodness, found by clicking here. If you’ve read that post, you’ll remember what I said- God has only allowed bad things to happen to one good person, and this man, Christ, took the worst of humanity and put it upon His back. There are no good people. Thus, bad things only happen to bad people. In God’s grace, though, He also allows good things to happen to bad people.

I am sinful, and therefore am a bad person. And yet God, in His unbelievable love, has given me a loving family, a roof over my head, and food on my plate. What an amazing God!

But what happens when the house collapses, the family dies, and the food dries up? We, as humans, are always concerned for our own needs, and so when tragedy threatens our way of life, we first turn to a solution to that problem. Unfortunately, we forget that God is the solution. Faith, even in the midst of the darkest trials, is the only solution that works. In that hour of need, I turned to Christ and trusted him. Immediately, most of my worry and stress fell away.

I said most for a reason. Christ doesn’t take every single bit of worry, leaving you a care-free toddler again. He takes the sinful parts, the worry that results in our refusal to trust Him. Some worry remains, of course. This is the healthy worry, the worry that wakes us up in the morning because we want to keep our job at Chic-Fil-A. Sleeping in would result in being fired, so the worry (of being fired) wakes you up to go to work.

Now that you understand God’s plan and have learned how to trust Him, you can begin the third and final step- praying and asking Him to take your burdens. It’s simple, really. Pray, and say, “Father, I am hurting. I am stressed, I am weary, I am in pain, and I don’t know what to do. However, I know that you have a plan, and it is good. No matter what happens, may you be glorified. Now, I ask you to please take this sinful worry from me, and give me peace. You are good, I trust you, and I love you. Amen.”

There is nothing more fulfilling then the peace brought on by full trust and acceptance of God’s plan. It feels hard, stupid, and wrong, but it’s true. I pray that you experience it too.

Alright, that’s all for today. Thanks so much for reading! I hope you were encouraged. If you were, and you want to read more posts like this, make sure to click that Follow button below (or to the side). Then, when I release new posts, you’ll get notified. Thanks again, and I hope you have a fantastic day!

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27 thoughts on “Throwing Yourself In the River of God’s Grace

  1. Great post. Although I agree that Suicide is selfish and fixes nothing, I think that sometimes ppl who aren’t Christians don’t really have anywhere else to turn and they might not know about Jesus which is why we have to show Gods love to everyone and spread the good news. Just my take on it tho….

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      1. Aaron

        Oh cool! 16 years is a while. Did you ever visit the USA? The coronavirus actually gave me a chance to start blogging. I’ve been so busy with college I never got the chance to publish my blog.
        I’ll check out your post!

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  2. Timoth

    I’m not sure that there is a healthy worry at least as I write this right now. We must submit all of our worries to him. worrying about losing our job is not why we should get up every morning and go to work. We should get up every morning and go to work seeking to care and provide for our families, and because it sets us apart when we show up at our job day in and day out and do it for God’s glory. (at least in fast food places. My brothers have approximately 7 yrs of combined experience in fast food.) It is pleasing to God to get up and go to work. I would think that if there is worry involved in losing your job for being late one time there are underlying issues at the workplace.

    You quoted Romans 8:28 and then said, “Interestingly, this doesn’t specifically mean that good will come to that person.” The person you quoted supports the point. Paul. Love that. Many people often misinterpret this verse to mean that what they think is good will happen when in reality what God says is good will happen.

    Thank you for continuing to give us quality content!

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    1. Amen, and my absolute pleausre! I think that there is some worry that can be healthy, if not sinful. A lot of this can be interpreted as concerning worry. For example, if I were concerend for someone, I might be a little worried for them. This can be normal, even Godly. Idk, I hope you see that 🙂


  3. Amen to this post! You did an amazing job writing this, and you’re absolutely right about you not being the only one.
    This year of 2020 so far for me, has been filled with a lot of joy, but also a lot of pain, and through that, a lot of growth. I don’t know if you’ve read my testimony on my blog, but about two years ago, I went through a very dark time in life where I did contemplate suicide. But I came to the realization of what you said – that it’s really only going to add pain to everyone around you – and I also saw that if I worked more on loving God, then I would feel more loved and also love those around me more (my depression came from feeling a lack of love).
    I think that God uses our absolute worst moments for the most beautiful things.
    I just love the way you said, Throwing Yourself In the River of God’s Grace. It’s beautiful.
    And Elisha, I’m so sorry that you went through such a dark time. I have been praying for you, and I most definitely will continue to.
    Amazing post, please keep up the fantastic work and God give you an immense amount of Joy and Grace, this year. 🤗
    – Keziah

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