500 Followers Celebration

Fireworks celebration party

And we are back yet again with our 500 followers celebration! What an awesome honor to do another one of these only six weeks after the last! As usual, we are averaging around 2-4 followers a day, and Africa Boy (soon to be changed) has now reached 50% of its goal- 1,000 followers! Give yourselves a round of applause! You guys are fantastic.

I am so glad to be celebrating this one in the United States. In fact, the actual timing of 500 followers was interesting. I literally hit 500 followers two hours after landing in the United States. What a welcome home present!

So, with that, we’re going to do a couple of things. Firstly, I’m going to give a couple of awards, the “Post of the Month” award, one from my own blog and one from another’s. I’m also going to give the “Encouraging Blogger of the Month” award, followed shortly by the “Featured Blog of the Month”. Alrighty, let’s do this.

Post of the Month: Africa Boy

By views: “The Coronavirus vs. Malaria: Answering Questions and Comparing Death Tolls”

This post was my first to ever reach more than 200 individual views, and it blew the previous record out of the water with over 250. It has ranked 1st in multiple search engines for multiple searches, garnering me hundreds of views in just a few days.

By quality: “The Unbelievable Story of My Escape from Uganda”

My third post to pass 2,000 words, this was honestly the most interesting and difficult post I have written in a long time. And, as my friend Karleigh said, “I could see a little bit of your soul in that post”. Thanks, Karleigh. You’re the best.

Post of the Month: General

Talking to God When Sick” by Todd Linn, PhD. This is, by far, one of the best posts I have read from a Christian author in a long, long time. If there is one Christian blogger that I would bet legitimate money on going viral, it would be Mr. Linn. Sir, you have done a fantastic job, and I look forward to seeing more of your posts. God bless you.

Encouraging Blog of the Month

This month’s Encouraging Blog award goes to Jesusluvsall, a wonderful and (you guessed it) encouraging blog. He publishes regularly on some fantastic subjects, along with hilarious and fun stories from his personal life. If you aren’t already following his blog, make sure to do so by clicking here.

Featured Blog of the Month

We’ve already done two of these, the first featuring Tobias Hrothgar and the second featuring Ian Nelson. Now, we turn to a third, and this one is actually a friend of Tobias Hrothgar’s: Karl Bickerstaff, and his blog “The Wizard’s Warehouse”. Karl is a phenomenal writer, and despite only publishing for a few weeks, he has already covered a wide range of extremely interesting topics. If you like to challenge yourself and your thinking, make sure to check out his website by clicking here.

Alright, and with that, we are finished. Thank you so much for reading this post, and if you’re already a follower, then congratulations! You were one of the first 500. If not, make sure to slap that Follow button and become one of the first 1,000. Thanks again for reading, and I hope you have a fantastic day!

Last Post: The Unbelievable Story of My Escape from Uganda

Featured Post: What The Holiness of God Taught Us About Speech

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37 thoughts on “500 Followers Celebration

  1. Anneka https://annekareyne.wordpress.com

    I agree with ya. Karliegh is pretty awesome hehe

    Congrats on reaching 500! You deserve it, your blog is fantastic! 😀 I hope you get to 1000! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Isabel Eleison

    Congrats again! It’s been so fun to read all your posts and watch your blog grow :)) You’ll reach your goal in no time.


  3. Karl Bickerstaff

    Thanks for nominating me, especially considering that my “wide range of topics” considered of three posts, all on books. 😏


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  5. In two months you’re going to give up posting every hundred and start posting every thousand. Of course, I have no doubt that Karl will be caught up with you at about two-thousand followers (I believe that’s six months from now).


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