Africa Boy’s Birthday (and a shoutout!)

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Well guys, we’ve done it. It has been almost exactly one year since Africa Boy’s birth. One year since I had two followers (myself and Ariana Evans), one year since the background was blue and the blog header was an elephant. One year since I discovered the fantastic platform known as WordPress. And boy, it has been a unique year. Let’s do a quick recap.


Best post: The Ultimate Insult.

March was a trial-and-error month for me, trying to figure out what WordPress was, how to market my website, and trying to tell my friends about it. I was also discovering my writing style, something that has significantly changed over the last year (if you’ve been with me from the beginning, you’ll agree). During March, I published 16 posts, averaging 2 likes per post, had 304 total views from 80 visitors, and reached 40 followers.


Best post: Comparing the True Gospel and the Prosperity Gospel

A time period of growth, April and May were difficult months. Indeed, the first three months are often the most difficult for a blogger, since it’s during these times that they see the fewest results. In these months, I released a lot of updates ranging from my YouTube channel to my Podcast, both of which still exist. When I wasn’t publishing updates, I was collaborating with other authors and publishing a few of my essays. I also discovered the top tens, which I did frequently over the next couple of weeks. During this period, I average 14 posts, 600 views (double that of March), 125 likes (quadruple that of March), and 190 visitors (doubling March) per month.


Best post: Christian Dating in a Secular World

The last period in which I didn’t really know what I was publishing about, June and July were interesting months. I published frequent posts on Marvel, garnering me some readers from the Marvel fanbase. However, probably most significantly, I published my first post on the subject of teen dating, and it immediately saw moderate success. The views and comments I got on this post encouraged me to continue this as a subject, which I have done to this day. The traffic I experienced was about the same as that from April and May, showing less growth than usual. This lull would end the next month. In early July, I reached 100 followers upon the release of my then-biggest post “Loving LGBTQ”, which received more views then I had ever had.


Best Post: How Did Christianity Become the Most Popular Religion Ever?

The final defining period in my writing, August through September saw a massive spike in traffic and followers. In August, I reached 1,000+ views in a month for the first time, then proceeded to shatter that record with 1,900 the following month. During this time, I discovered current events as a topic, something I have continued to do. I also further cemented my own identity as a Christian blogger, one committed to excellence and work.


Best Post: The 7 Most Common Misconceptions About Africa

Finally, a time in which I knew what I wanted to write about. The post above, “The 7 Most Common Misconceptions About Africa”, was arguably my greatest post of all time. It was ranked number 1 on Bing and 6 on Google (it has since dropped on Google but remains on Bing in second place when you search “common uganda misconceptions”). This post received the most views I have ever had, even though I only had 1/3rd of the followers that I do now. At the beginning of October, I discovered SEO and knew that I had found my second true love (the second being basketball). I immediately began publishing posts on this, most of which ranked on WordPress and got me a few more followers. On October 25th, I reached 200 followers.


Best Post: What Makes Christianity So Unpopular?

A time of massive growth, January set records that remain even to today. During that month, I had 2,700 views and reached 300 followers. While the previous month, December, had been rather quiet (I took a break from blogging during the Christmas season), it still saw some fun posts and the beginning of my Throwback posts, which are still in use. I began trying to publish posts over 1,000 words and, for the most part, succeeded. I also continued publishing on teen dating, which proved to be a good subject as my post “Dating or Courtship- Which Term Should a Christian Use?” set a record of 46 likes that still stands today. My WordPress tutorials continued and were also met with large success, bringing in a few new readers from the SEO industry.


Best Post: The Art of (Christian) Dating

We now reach the present. 470 followers, averaging 85 views per day and around 20 followers a week, and the numbers continue. To you, new bloggers- here are your statistics, and they don’t lie. Perseverance is everything within blogging. Without it, you cannot expect to see the results you want. Work hard, be faithful to yourself, write on subjects that show results, and most importantly- persevere.

Work hard, be faithful to yourself, write on subjects that show results, and most importantly- persevere.

Now, with our recap done, let’s take a look at our shoutout!

A YouTube channel run by some very good friends of mine, AndBros started a few months ago. Since then, they have done quite well, and as of right now, they have over 700 subscribers (double mine). They release content regularly, and honestly- they are hilarious. Make sure to subscribe to their channel by clicking on it above.

Alright, that’s all for today. Thanks so much for reading! I was so excited to celebrate my website’s one year birthday, and I hope you were too. If you have enjoyed my posts so far, make sure that you’ve clicked that Follow button below (or to the side) and are receiving emails when I publish new posts. Feel free to share this website with your friends/family, or anybody that you think needs some encouragement. Thanks again, and I hope you have a fantastic day!

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