Throwback Saturday: Christianity’s Popularity

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A lot of people question Christianity’s validity. They say, “Faith is useless! Trust in science and fact is the only truths in this life!” They question why Christianity is so popular in the first place. But I tell you this: Christianity has been the greatest religion because it’s the only one that is true. 

Many will scoff at that claim. They tell me, “You can’t prove religion or God to be true. Your faith is blind.” And perhaps they are correct. Maybe my faith is blind. But, after all, isn’t that exactly what makes our faith true Faith? So, perhaps our Faith is blind, but the assumption that we cannot prove it to be true is wrong.

Now, I’m not going to blog about the scientific evidence for Christianity or Creation. That’s not what Africa Boy is about. But, in my past experiences, even the hardiest proof isn’t enough to convince a non-believer.  John 12:40 addresses this issue perfectly. Those who choose not to believe will not be convinced. But, if we witness faithfully and with grace, we will impact even the hardest heart.

So, how did Christianity become the greatest religion of all time, with over 2.4 billion people claiming Jesus as their Lord? Leaving aside the obvious answer that I already gave, there are a few more reasons.

1: Christianity promises eternal life and a clean slate. Now, as a Christian, I will tell you that Christianity gives eternal life and a clean slate, but from an atheist’s point of view, this would be the best reason for Christianity’s popularity. Christianity has appealed to the common, working-class man since its beginning around 30 A.D, directly after the death and resurrection of Christ (as told in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). Consequently, I am yet to find an atheist that supports the (nonexistent) belief that Jesus never existed. There is literally more proof for Jesus’ existence and death (though they ignore proof for resurrection) then there is proof for Julius Caeser’s existence. So, because Atheists do not argue against the existence of Jesus, they claim that the birth of Christianity came out of his death at the hands of the Romans. However, we Christians know that Christianity resulted from the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His promise of eternal life to whoever believes in Him and His death (see John 3:16) isn’t just what appeals to the Gentiles and Jews of that day- it was also the authenticity of that claim. While I won’t explain this in detail, there is tons of evidence supporting the complete infallibility of scripture, as found in the style of the writing. Take, for instance, the consistent appearance of women in the Gospels (the Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Martha, etc.). If the story of Jesus’ resurrection had been false, the author would have never included women in the writing. After all, during those times, a woman’s word was hardly worth anything. But, because the account was true and proved itself through the thousands of eyewitnesses to Jesus’ resurrection, the authors had no need to lend credibility to their stories, and so they told the truth, as found in the Gospels. In conclusion, Christianity has become popular because of the credibility found within the Gospel story, which has appealed to the common man since Jesus’ death.

2: While Islam focuses on keeping its members, Christianity focuses on expanding. Islam ensures that Muslim believers stay Muslim, have kids, and raise the kids as Muslims. Christianity seems to be almost the opposite. While the Bible does command Christian parents to bring up their children in the Lord, most Christians seem to have been converted later in life, usually after a life-rending experience or a long walk with sin. Christianity focuses on bringing other people to Christ, instead of keeping its members Christian (although that’s a topic for another time). Throughout history, one of the most focused-on passages in Scripture has been the Great Commission. Hundreds of thousands of missionaries are faithfully serving oversees (including me!), bringing more and more people to the Lord. Because of this focus in missions, millions of people are brought to the Lord every year.

3: Christianity was the foundation within the creation of many modern countries throughout history, the most famous being the United States of America. When the United States was founded, its laws were often based off of Biblical laws or statements. Now, obviously, America has lost its focus upon God, as I already blogged about. But, no matter how hard they try, American atheists cannot erase the facts of the past: America was founded as a Christian country, but with tolerance for other reasons. Christan based, but other children were allowed to play on the playground. Then, when America became one of the most influential countries in the world, Christianity had a point to rally around. Oppressed Christians from all around the world rallied in America, eager and expectant in their hopes for the future. For a while, missions were accelerated and people were being converted. This boost brought about lots of change within Christianity, giving it a much-needed boost.

Alright, that’s all for today. Hopefully, you enjoyed that throwback as much as I did publishing it. This was a fun subject to tackle, and its sister post “What Makes Christianity So Unpopular?” was a fantastic post to write. Be sure to check it out by clicking below. Anyway, thanks a ton for reading! Your support means a ton to me. If you haven’t already, be sure to click that Follow button below (or to the side), so as to not miss out on posts like this. Thanks again, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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