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I was tagged for this entirely original award by Jesusluvsall. Thanks, brother! I seriously appreciate it! Guys, if you haven’t read his outstanding blog, be sure to do so, as it can be found here.

This tag is based on Luke 19, the tale of the ten lepers. In the story, Jesus heals ten men with leprosy, a terrible disease that removes your capacity for pain reception. Sadly, only one of the ten healed men came back to thank Jesus, and it is after this man that we aspire. Let’s be like the one leper, a man who’s gratefulness won over his joy.

Here are the rules.

1: Use any picture in your post that expresses gratitude

2: Pingback to the original post at 1 Grateful Person

3. Share the intro

4: Share what you are grateful to Jesus for

5: Share a passage from the bible about gratitude that means something to you.

6: Tag anybody

With that said, let’s get right to it.

I am extremely grateful to Jesus for allowing me to live in such an awesome place. His gift to me, in having me raised in Uganda, has changed my life, and I am someone entirely different from who I might have been, had God chosen to raise me in the United States.

I have relationships I would never have had. I have parents that walk deeply in the Lord. I have siblings that are very similar to me. I have an opportunity to play sports and share my testimony through basketball. All of these and many more are the results of my Jesus choosing to raise me in Uganda. He has made me the Africa Boy.

Romans 8:28 also describes the negative side of growing up in Uganda.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.

Even the disadvantages of growing up in Africa work out for my good. The relationships I have left behind, experiences I have missed out on- all working out for the Glory of God.

Because of this, I am a different creation- one shaped and molded by God. Praise Him for His mighty work!

With that said, let’s continue to my tags.


Lydia Potter


Those are the three that I would specifically like to see do this, but if you’re reading and you would like to do this tag, go for it! You are officially nominated!

Anyway, thanks so much for reading, guys. Your support means a ton to me. Currently, we are 20% of the way to 1,000 followers, our next major milestone. If you’d like to join this journey, be sure to click that Follow button below. Now, you’ll never miss out on a new post!

Once again, thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day.


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