This Atheist Calls Other Atheists…

Recently, while on the website Quora, looking at Christian discussions, I found this answer to the question (euphemism alert) “What instantly pisses you off?”

“I’m an atheist.

Always have been, always will be.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that God doesn’t exist, and that I live in a purely chaotic universe which runs on scientific principles.

I am a 100% faithless heathen.

And I will. Not. Tolerate. Anti-Christian. Bigotry. On. Quora.

I absolutely refuse.

I consistently downvote questions which not only attack Christianity but go after Christians on a personal level, besmirching their ability to think or to reason. I have also reported Quorans’ accounts for what I deem to be consistently anti-Christian answers. Anyone who makes blanket statements about Christians and passes them off as objective truths is a bigot, plain and simple. And if I catch them, they will be reported. No exceptions.

Bigotry in any form rubs me the wrong way, but pseudo-intellectual, supercilious, anti-Christian hate is something that pisses me off in a microsecond. I can’t stand it.

Except for SJWs, gun control wonks, people who believe in ridiculous things like income inequality, systemic racism, “the pink tax,” etc., nothing pisses me off faster on Quora than seeing another atheist write a self-important, puffed-up, conceited answer badmouthing Christians as “ignorant,” “stupid,” “backward,” etc., etc.

How dare you.

How dare you presume to foist your narrow-minded point of view on others. Isn’t that exactly what you blame Christians for doing?

How dare you presume that, simply because you have made a choice to believe in something you see as being inherently more rational than the beliefs of Christians, you suddenly think you have the answers to the intrinsic mysteries of the universe, and anyone who disagrees with you or even asks that you tone down your harsh rhetoric is a hidebound clod who is more comfortable living in ignorance.

It’s that kind of careless, callous arrogance that I find simply outrageous.

I will not tolerate it. Not for a second.

Believe in God or don’t, I don’t care. But no matter what you believe, don’t you dare presume to lecture others about what you perceive to be their ignorance or wrong-headedness. People gotta do what’s right for them, and unless you’re God (unlikely; you’re an atheist), you don’t have all the answers. Acting like you do is unpardonable conceit. And if I see you concluding, in your answers, that Christians are ignorant simply by dint of being Christians, or if I see you make any other sort of sweeping generalization about a large and diverse group of people (like Christians), I will report you.

Because guess what? You’re a bigot.”

That answer stunned me. I had always assumed that all atheists were naturally against Christians, be they young or old, man or woman. But the fact that someone, even while not being an atheist, could get so angry about the responses of other atheists that he would report them, is stunning to me.

However, while this strong response is correct, we must remember this: no matter the provocation, we, as Christians, MUST remember to turn the other cheek to those that hate us.

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