Last week I turned 16. My father, being the unpredictable man he is, organized a lunch with myself, him, and seven other men that have known me since I was young. In our time together, each man took the time to speak something to me, be it small or large, in an effort to convey something about manhood. Now, I am not an emotional person. I do not cry during movies (except Avengers: Endgame). But as I sat there, surrounded by these men, I felt overwhelmed with emotion. I am so loved!

Yet even as I was surrounded by these men, one of them spoke up. He did not grow up in a Christian community or family- just the opposite, in fact. He said this. “Elisha, I did not have this gift. The gift of men around you is a special thing indeed, for there are few people that receive this blessing.” Truly I am blessed! There are young men and women across the globe that have no opportunity to fellowship with older man or women of God.

Even as I begin a new chapter in my life, I have been reflecting on the last five years. When I turned 10, my father took me on a hike and challenged me, calling me to manhood (though that is a story for another time). Since then, he has continued to do something similar, challenging me to new things within God and manhood. Yet the last five years have not been easy. I have gone through some… interesting stages, so say the least. And yet God is good, is He not? He has kept me turned towards him, and for that I praise Him! Amen, eh?

Anyway, just a reminder: If you have ANYBODY in your life that can keep you in your walk with Christ, do three things.

1: Thank them. Do not stop to thank them for their work.

2: Teach yourself to listen to them even more.

3: Appreciate them. If you do have someone like that in your life, be thankful!

Alright, thanks for reading guys. As always, if you haven’t clicked that Follow button on the side, be sure to do so! Have a great day, and may God’s peace be with you.

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