The Top 5 KB songs

Welcome back to another episode of “McFarland song rankings”! I am a huge fan of the Christian Rap artist KB, member of 116 Clique and friend/colleague of Lecrae. As such, I have decided to rank what I believe are his top 5 songs. If you haven’t heard him rap, go check him out! I will also post links to the youtube videos of each song.

5: Long Live the Champion (feat. Yariel, Gabriel Rodriguez EMC). Coupled with a Spanish theme and a wonderful beat, this song is by far the most creative song written by KB. Find the song here.


4: Tempo. I love the chorus, and the beat is really good too. Find it here.


3: Monster (feat. Aha Gazelle). I literally feel like this song describes me. Find it here.


2: Not Today Satan (feat. Andy Mineo). The rhythm for this song gets stuck in my head for literal weeks. Also, I love the Nacho Libre reference. Find the song here.


And finally, number 1.

1: Hold Me Back. Freshly released on YouTube just last month, this song has an epic beat with lightning fast lyrics and, as if it wasn’t enough, a hat-tip to Thanos. I mean, what more could you ask for? If you haven’t listened to this, make sure to! You can find it right here.


Alright guys, thanks for reading, and as always: if you liked this post or a few of the previous ones, make sure to click that “Follow” button on the side of the page. Have a blessed day! Peace out


14 thoughts on “The Top 5 KB songs

  1. munchkin175

    Sweet man i haven’t listened to many of those but they look cool ;). My three favorite songs by him are #1. Crazy. #2. No Chains. #3.Church Clap there’s one more awesome one that I can rap but I forgot the name of it ;-; . I think that Church clap could have gotten squished in there but ehh who cares. 😀


      1. munchkin175

        Ok yeah at my church they play church clap ALOT and I think it’s pretty popular but idk you seem to know more about it than me XD


    1. munchkin175

      Hey so Ari just btw I got a new blog ;-; I realised right after I quit my last one, how much I love blogging XD but I waited till my school was out before I started to make it if you wanna check it out its called “The crazy life of Jesse” ;-; I feel kinda weird quiting my blog then starting a new one the next month but eh who cares

      Liked by 1 person

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