Friday. The last day of the week. The whole world breathes a deep sigh as people leave work and prepare for the weekend. Friday is a day that everybody celebrates because now it’s time to relax! Right?

Hold on a second. You were probably reading that last paragraph and nodding your head, “Yeah, that’s exactly what I do on Fridays!” But then I asked: Right? And now you are confused. What’s wrong with Friday?

Nothing! *gasp* There is nothing wrong with Friday! Personally, it’s my favorite day of the week, because I can actually take a break from school and writing these annoyingly difficult blog posts. However, there is one thing that must remain in our mind as we start the weekend: Jesus. Many of us are tempted to become completely lax as they enter the weekend. There are no thoughts of Bible reading or prayer. Instead, all attention turns to the fun that can be gained out of the weekend. After all, isn’t that what the weekend is for?

Not exactly. God created the weekend with the intention for us to use it. Yes, he did create Saturday and Sunday as days of rest. However, there was another purpose behind the creation of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. God also intended for the weekend to be used as a time of worship to Him. Not just on Sunday, when many go and fulfill their “churchly obligation” by attending church, but also Friday and Saturday. These days are intended for us to use in His worship.

So, what do you do? Go home on Friday with your heart towards Him. Sing a little, even dance, if it makes you feel more relaxed. But do NOT forget to thank him for the weekend, pray to Him, and spend time worshiping him.

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