Sanity within Friendship

Friendships keep people sane. No, I do not mean fake friends. I am talking about the kind of friendship that David and Jonathan had- a loving, caring relationship between two guys who loved the Lord and sought to worship Him. A real friendship involves God at the center, not man. However, the problem with friendships is found within the root of the friendship itself. A “friend” is not a person that will tempt you to drink alcohol or go to parties (you know EXACTLY what type of party I am referring to). A real friend is somebody who not only challenges you to be a better person, but is somebody that isn’t afraid to tell you when you messed up.

“But why have friends?” People ask. Many introverted people, wishing for “alone time” retreat into their rooms during social activities, and do not reappear until everybody is gone. Friends are what keep us sane. I have several friends that keep me sane, both through gracious council and just plain old determination. Namely, these people are the kids in my Comp II class, the Britton kids, a few kids from MK camp, Abby Swanson, the Smiths, Josiah Kegg, Loring and Essence Ray, Nehemiah Wootton, and Ella Ayer. If I forgot somebody, I sincerely apologize. Regardless, we must remember that when we have a true friend, he/she is going to be one of the few factors that shapes us into the being that God wants us to be. My friends keep me from falling into the pit of insanity, and through that, help me be a better person.



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