Recently, there has been a lot of racial uprising in the United States. As an MK, and one who lives with Africans, i have a much different view on this than most people. However, if you don’t like what i believe, then feel free to tell me. I am open to all comments. 

My stance on the racial tension is rather different. I, like Lecrae, believe that African Americans are mistreated in the United States. Whoa now, hold on. Don’t go all ballistic on me and start writing me angry responses. Hear me out…

African Americans are mistreated. I can see this, because i am one of the few people who bridges both worlds: African and American. Most of the African Americans and White Americans have viewpoints on one side, but few of them can truly relate to both. So, coming from this side, I again state my stance. African Americans are being mistreated, and it needs to stop. You see the African cops being shot, and everybody says “Oh, it was an accident”. Then you see a white cop get shot, and everyone says “Kill the killer! Blood! Gore! Death! Revenge!” And then they are too angry to truly think straight. I have talked to African Americans, and i know the resentment that goes on there between them and White Americans. Some African Americans are made fun of at school, called evil names (if i here someone state that word, go ballistic), and yes, shot at by white men. Some African Americans resent the fact that their great great great great great great great grandfathers were slaves. Others resent the color of their skin. Guys, this is true, and this is good. I am sorry to say it, but those things do happen. Open your eyes, and you can see them. Sadly, African Americans have the right to resent these things. I do too, for them. 

Lecrae is right. Those of you who resent him for that, please stop. If you can truly open your eyes, and use the Bible as your stance, then you can see what is happening in the United States. And you know what? If these things keep happening, it will tear the country apart, state by state, piece by piece. Listen to Lecrae and John Piper. These are men who have the right stance on things, and if you combine them (black rapper and white preacher), you have the best possible view on things. 

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