Gluten-The Silent Epidemic Overtaking America


The United States has been infected. A disease grows under our very noses, and the only people to realize it are already infected. The disease is known as gluten and is a major concern in the United States, where depression runs rampant and obesity has all but vanished. Despite the growing protests of gluten consumers, gluten is scientifically connected to addiction, depression, and obesity.

            Wheat addiction is a serious problem in the United States. Pizza, pop-tarts, bread, and donuts are all part of most daily consumption, but few realize the deadly problem they pose. Statistics show, according to Lenny Bernstein, that 46 slices or 23 pounds of pizza are eaten by every American per year (2015). This is a staggering number, especially when added to the number of donuts eaten by the average American- 63 dozen (Large 2009). It is not the flavor, however, but the processing in gluten that makes wheat so addictive. Wheat contains opioid peptides and these opioid peptides are as addictive as heroin (Jeferalli 2013). Many Americans are regular gluten consumers but have no idea of the addictive chemicals residing inside their favorite foods. Because of the chemicals used in the growing and processing in wheat, gluten has been linked to severe addiction, and yet is virtually unknown to the populace.

            Depression is commonly discussed in the United States. Thousands of councilors across the country assemble to “help” the depression of the average teenager through conversation and psychology. What many councilors do not know is that links have been found between depression and gluten. It is not, however, the chemicals in the wheat that cause the depression, but the actual digestion of the wheat itself. “Researchers have speculated that gluten-related intestinal damage might lead to nutritional deficiencies that cause depression and anxiety in people with celiac disease” (Anderson 2018). Gluten is slightly acidic and can cause terrible damage to the intestine, damage which ultimately leads to depression through the negative effects of the chemicals.

            Obesity is also a common and deadly ailment in the United States through the effects of the chemicals and processing. Thousands of people begin diets every day, only to discover that their attempt to lose fifty pounds will take longer than a week. This is because obesity is very difficult to overcome and has become ordinary in America. Many Americans do not show restraint in their consumption but instead eat to their heart’s desire, while stating that they are positive gluten does not cause weight gain, and it is their opinion that matters. It is not a matter of opinion that links gluten to obesity, however, for science has connected it with over-excessive wheat consumption. Gluten contains lectins, which stick to the intestinal wall and cause the intestines to store more calories as fat. The stored fat is very difficult to remove, especially when the lifestyles of most Americans are taken into account-many Americans do not exercise, but instead use their free time watching TV or playing video games. This puts many Americans in a dilemma- they must either show self-control by abstaining from gluten, or they must give up and gain weight. Sadly, self-control is not encouraged but is instead frowned upon. Therefore, no serious change is to be expected, and the fat created through lack of self-control will remain. The fat created by eating gluten is very difficult to remove and is one of the leading causes of obesity.

            Gluten causes a plethora of disorders. Too many people discuss their obesity or depression while eating a sandwich loaded with wheat. Science has spoken, but people ignore it. If the American people wish to rid themselves of their health problems, they must purge themselves of unhealthy gluten eating and practice self-control.

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One thought on “Gluten-The Silent Epidemic Overtaking America

  1. From research I’ve done it’s not necessarily wheat that is at blame but American or modern wheat. I’m actually allergic to wheat (as well as a bunch of other stuff).

    I’ve heard so many stories where people had problems with anything containing wheat in America, but could what is known as biblical wheat or ancient wheat when they visited place where it still exists.

    Wheat has really been modified genetically etc., and this is really causing problems. Now it contains very few nutrients and a lot more sugar content. You can get whole wheat flour etc. and it will definitely help, but it’s made of modern red wheat. Easier to grow, easier to process, but not nearly as good for you as ancient wheat.


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