Abortion: Abomination or Lawful?

       My good friend and mentor, Jones Bakimi, once told a story during church. He had just arrived from his trip in the USA, and had had an interesting debate with a woman atheist. She was a firm believer in Abortion, and had a few words to say to him on that matter. He said, once she was done talking, “Once there was a little tribe that lived in Africa. This tribe was so tiny, in fact, that no one paid it any attention. However, one day, the tribe decided to build a new house. This house was going to be used to expand the tribe, thus making it larger and more powerful. The bigger tribes grew fearful of the smaller tribe, fearing the effect the expansion of the smaller tribe could have on the larger. They attacked and slaughtered the entire smaller tribe.”

    “Now that isn’t right!” Exclaimed the woman, shaking her head.

    “Yes, I agree. Now, understand this. The smaller tribe represents the unborn babies in the womb of the mother. The expansion represents the growth of the baby, and the killing of the tribe represents the killing of the baby by the parents.”

    “Now, Mr. Bakimi. This is a totally different situation. The baby in the womb has no conscience, and cannot think.”

    “It cannot think, perhaps. But it has the potential to think. It has the potential to grow up and become a man or woman, standing under God. As you kill those babies, you kill the potential for life.”

    I agree with Uncle Jones. As the mother kills the baby, she kills the potential for life. Every time a mother kills a baby, she is attempting to compensate for something. Either she is compensating for her sin (sexually sinning with a man not her husband), compensating for lack of money, (she cannot pay for the baby, apparently), compensating for lack of time (too busy?), or simply compensating for a mistake she made in a sexual encounter, whether inside or outside of wedlock. Every time a baby is aborted, it is to compensate and make up for something. Should a baby have to suffer because of a mother’s wrong decision or preference? By all means, NO. N-O, no. Whether by mistake or on purpose, the baby is God’s gift to the mother, and has potential to grow up to a beautiful man or woman. By killing the baby, the woman is rejecting God’s gift. Abortion is wrong, and should be stopped.

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